2012 Filberg Festival - Comox, BC

The Filberg is in my opinion about one of the only summer festivals without a beer tent that's still worth going to. Maybe one day there will be a beer tent.... but I doubt it. The average age of a Filberg attendee is easily 60+, but don't let that deter you lol. Old people aren't scary, but if you're a guy like me, you get looked at by old people as if you're the one who's scary — if they only knew we're just harmless stoned idiots... anyways, the Filberg is awesome, and this year we did something amazing: we bought some of the shit we saw last year that at the time, we were like "Damn, that would be so cool in our place, too bad we can't afford it...." BAM! All that shit was half the price this year because they all had newer, "cooler" shit for this year. Fuck yeah, Filly fest!!! The inner art-nerd my wife and I evidently both have rejoices every BC day long weekend for a return trip to the Filberg, wandering around the hordes of old folks, baked as all hell, eating fudge and wishing we had thousands of dollars to blow on sweet art. Fuck yes.

So whether you're from some crazy ass far away place reading this, or you're right down the road from me, here's the site for the Filberg:

And here's the site for this amazing artist Autumn Sky Morrison, her work is amazing, we managed to get a good one of hers this year and it even came with a little magnet! Awesome!!

ALSO... if you go the Filberg (or if you're passing through Duncan for that matter) and you don't buy fudge from these people, you're flat out just a fucking idiot.


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