A Few Drumming Videos For You

Every now and then I catch myself on YouTube just watching snare drum videos; demos of different makes and models of snare drums, marching band snare drummers, drumming demonstrations and competitions... you get the point. I just love drumming!! I have been playing the drums slightly longer than I've been playing guitar, and to this day it's where my attention just seems to automatically draw itself towards every time I hear new music for the first time. So here are a couple gems I've spotted over the last little while, besides ones I've already posted.

Wayne Oien is amazing. This guy has probably been playing since before I was born. I especially like how he starts off with two pairs of sticks - Wayne means buisness.

Buddy Rich is a fucking legend. This is simply common knowledge for anyone who takes drumming even remotely seriously. The drum solo from this (rather old lol) performance of "West Side Story" is a great showcase of Buddy's skills. One must appreciate the classics.

I saved this one for last on purpose. This is a guy named Dylan Elise, and he played this at the Tauranga jazz festival in New Zealand in 2007, at the age of 16. Pretty impressive shit!! The bird's eve view on the side screen of the stage is also pretty cool.


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