A Mid-July Blog Update

So, it's been a couple of weeks. I must apologize, because it is gorgeous outside here and it has been for the last month, still going strong! I haven't been around the computer all that much lately is all, otherwise there'd be all kinds of stuff here since the fireworks. But don't start thinking that nothing's on the go though. Jon Asher sent me an album from the Fort McMurray AB metal band "Until Dawn" and it's really good, so I'll be doing a review on that soon.

Also, speaking of metal, I regret to inform anyone who gives a shit that Deadkind has been put to sleep. The decision to kill the band was made without my knowledge or participation, and it saddens me deeply that it had to end. We had roughly half of what was to be our second album written, and I was so fucking stoked on the new songs.. the songs had grown so much since the time we were writing for the first EP, it just really bums me out that none of the new stuff will likely ever be recorded. Those songs are lost and gone. Total bummer man, total bummer.

Don't get too bummed out though. Three out of four of who used to be Deadkind got together right away again and are already working on something new. As of right now the new band (which is yet to be named at this point) consists of Stephen Hentze on drums, Corey Robb on rhythm guitar and myself on lead guitar. We have a couple of potential bassists lined up, but we have no idea what in the hell we're going to do about a singer. I'm hoping that whoever ends up playing bass with us is a half decent singer, because Corey can kind of sing and I sort of sing a little bit too (though I'd much prefer to be screaming or cookie-monster grunting). That way, it'd be easy for us to all just take turns song by song. I suppose Corey and I could just do that, but I've convinced myself that it won't work unless there are three of us sort-of singers.

Now here's the big catch, ready? No longer a metal band. Not even a punk band, but like.. just a rock band. We decided to just call our stuff "rock" because really, if you sit and think about it for a couple of minutes, there are many many variations of rock-oriented music, and the idea is to be able to play with all of these different angles and aspects rather than pigeon-hole ourselves to one thing only, you know? Aside from that, this town just ain't like it used to be, and sadly, there's not much of an audience left locally for a band like Deadkind, and so, evolution is necessary. We can't afford to drive 200km or more every time we want to play a successful show, so now we won't have to. Hell, we might even get played on an actual radio station. Only time will tell!

I'll let you know when we have a real name, and then we'll have a page on Facebook and all that stuff.. you'll be sick of me talking about it in no time. So if you can get past the band talk, make sure you come back to check out my reviews, and the other silly shit that I put here.

Nardwuar says it best: "Keep on rocking in the free world, and doo-doo-da-loo-do..."

R.I.P. Deadkind 2009-2013


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