Alkaline Trio - Broken Wing EP and My Shame Is True LP

Alkaline Trio has two releases coming out tomorrow! I managed to get my hands on both of them, and they are both excellent. Epitaph Records posted My Shame Is True in it's entirety on YouTube on March 28. Broken Wing was a little harder to find, but I managed to get a copy. There are only four tracks on the Broken Wing EP, and I like all of them. The first song "Balanced On A Shelf" is probably my favorite. I think I have a little more of an appreciation for Dan Andriano taking the lead vocal in Alkaline Trio songs now after hearing his solo work. Matt and Dan trade leads back and forth pretty evenly throughout all of the Alkaline Trio stuff, and it has always worked out great overall. Two excellent songwriters with great vocal abilities.

My Shame Is True definitely has a more personal feel about it than Broken Wing, Matt Skiba says that he was "going straight out of a gnarly divorce into a really great, beautiful relationship that came to an end just as we started writing My Shame Is True,"calling the album "catharsis."1 The album art features a photo of his ex-wife. Classic melodic Alkaline Trio songwriting here, nothing that any existing fans should be disappointed with in my opinion. Shame is their ninth fill-length studio release, so their formula has obviously done them well. There are also some guest vocals provided by Tim McIlrath of Rise Against fame in the song "I, Pessimist."

I also want to point out another fine job by Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room Studios in Fort Collins, Colorado. These guys are making really great sounding records down there. No Use For A Name's last record was done there, which I think is pretty cool. Tony Sly was an amazing songwriter and it really sucks that he's dead. Anyways, both of these releases from Alkaline Trio are really good and certainly worth a listen!

Full album stream of My Shame Is True, courtesy of Epitaph Records via YouTube

Blasting Room Studios

1 Matt Skiba quote taken from Spin Magazine interview.


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