Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer

My wife and I were given an Arizer Solo portable vaporizer for our first anniversary. We are no strangers to vaporizers, as we already own a Vapir One (table top) and the original (first model) Iolite (portable, butane powered). The Arizer is battery powered, which is really cool, but you still have to plug it in to charge the battery. It can handle roughly 4 hours of usage before it needs to be recharged. The vapor clouds you can pull out of this little guy are insane, and the glass whips (it comes with two!) are also an added bonus, because plastic sucks.

Vaporizing is an all-around better way to consume your herbs, because combustion is, well.. combustion. It doesn't really matter what you're smoking, it's no mystery that smoking isn't good for people. It's nice to have an alternative to smoking, and it's even nicer when your altenative to smoking also happens to be much more appealing. The solo also comes with a diffuser bowl, and is safe to use with both solids and liquids. If you do manage to break one or both of your whips, you can easily find replacements for around ten bucks.

My other favorite thing about the solo is that it is Canadian made. The company is based out of Waterloo, ON and it just feels good to support a Canadian company! The both of us highly recommend the Arizer Solo portable. My wife has a sensitive throat to heat and dryness, and she doesn't find a problem with either of those issues while using the solo, so that's also nice. Get your solo on today!

Arizer website


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