Armstrong Metal Fest


My wife and I got the chance to go to this last summer (the last year it was to be called "Armstrong Open Air" — now they do it in an arena), and it was a fucking blast. We both had such a good time, meeting all the bands and watching them all play. We had all access passes, as we were covering the event for BC Musician Magazine. Anyhow, it is finally starting to sink in that No, we won't be returning this summer. Hopefully we can get out for 2013, but this year we just can't pull it off. Total fucking bummer. So, I just wanted to write to you all and tell you how awesome this festival is, and if you have the means and the time to get to Armstrong for this show, FUCKING GO!!! Get all your ridiculous metalhead friends together and get the fuck out to Armstrong. This thing just keeps getting bigger and better and bigger and better.

Last year, we camped next to Xul. I even pointed out in the picture here where we all camped lol. Not only are they super nice guys who party hard, but they fucking slay the stage. We were also extremely impressed by Ninjaspy. There are a lot of die-hards who seem to be quite against this band, but we thought they were fucking great!!! They are 3 brothers, and they play what I can only really describe as "ska-metal." For real!!

Let me just go off on a tangent here.. I have always had a raging hard on for Fender guitars. I'm not against other brands or anything stupid, I've just always really really loved Fenders. Corey, currently the only guitarist in my band Deadkind, also has the same Fender problem that I have. So anyhow, to my surprise, the guitarist/vocalist for Ninjaspy plays — you'll never guess — a fucking Jaguar. Both Corey and I have for the longest time hailed the Jaguar as THE guitar, but often contemplated how it just wouldn't work for our band. It worked out just fine for Ninjaspy, so when I came reeling back to practice when we got home, I couldn't shut up about it. So, Corey went out and got a Jaguar and set it up to handle our low-G tuning, and now Deadkind plays metal on a Jaguar too. Thanks, Ninjaspy! Not sure if any of that would've ever happened had we not gone to AOA2011.

So anyhow, lol if you can get to Armstrong for the fest this year, or any other summer from this point forward, mark my words: you are a fucking idiot if you can go and don't. These guys are doing what so many of only dream of doing — bringing the European style festivals to North America, well, more importantly, CANADA. Fuck yeah. Headliners last year were 3 Inches Of Blood, we also got to meet them, and I personally handed the guys a copy of the Deadkind EP, but they probably hated it hahaha.

Go to Armstrong Metal Fest 2012. Tell them Shane from Deadkind sent you.

ALSO, check out this little documentary these guys from Vancouver made. My wife and I are in it too, at 6:36 we're in the background when they're talking to Justin from 3 Inches Of Blood lol I'm in a blue t-shirt and Lindsay is in a white shirt and camo shorts.

This is a video documentary a dude by the name of Kimbo Ritchie did, we are also in this one, at 2:21 in part 4, talking about Skull Hammer :) notice how both of us are sunburnt as fuck

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

These are all videos my wife took at AOA2011:

Cast Into Ashes
3 Inches Of Blood
AND there was even Sword Fighting


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