Blast Beats with Steve Asheim

Steve Asheim is the dummer for Deicide. I've been impressed by Steve's drumming since the very first time I heard Deicide, way back as a young gaffer. It's funny how such a nice guy can also be such an intense drummer. I suppose you'd have to be intense to drum for Deicide though. In this little video Steve goes through some variations of the well known blast beat we so often hear in a lot of metal music.

Also, drummers, notice how tight and leveled Steve's kit is arranged - nothing is too far away from everything else. I've found in my years playing the drums that keeping your kit as compact as you can (without crowding yourself in of course) is a crucial element to playing fast. Give yourself enough elbow room to flow from side to side, but keep your drums close together and your cymbals nice and low (just enough room to move without hitting any rims or other cymbals) and you're on your way to playing faster than diarreah.

My drum kit hasn't changed a whole lot really since the late 1990s, and especially now after a buch of moving around and losing/breaking bits and pieces here and there, it's getting to be time to start it all over from scratch again pretty soon. They've had a good run, but I've literally beaten to holy shit out of them. Somehow I've gone from 7 cymbals down to 1, and a snare that more or less is no longer functional. I've been watching a lot of drum videos lately to help inspire me to get a new kit, but alas, a very expsensive hobby indeed! One of these days...

Anyhow, see if you can learn something from Steve Asheim!


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