BornBroken - The Healing Powers Of Hate Comes Out on June 4th

This one was sent to me by Jon Asher. Jon sends me lots of good shit and this is no exception.

BornBroken are from Montreal, where there is a crazy punk and metal scene, a well known fact for years. This album is pretty heavy and melodic, but not melodic in a way that compromises heaviness. I found Jesus Salazar's vocal delivery reminded me a lot of Max Cavalera, in both tone and pronunciation, which in no way sounds at all to be any sort of "rip off," but more of a coincidence I think.. these two guys just happen to sound an awful lot alike. I dig it! I get the impression these guys have listened to a lot of Pantera, Slayer and Slipknot, based on what I hear, but again not in a way that is ripping off or regurgitating these bands, but more that you can hear the influences in the way they play.

The production and engineering are really great, this album will sound awesome in your car. The physical release of Healing Powers is pretty insane, comprsing of the CD, a big sticker and a comic book, all bundled in a nice DVD-esque casing presentation. I'm not sure what they're asking for the physical release but I'm sure it's worth it; I'm willing to bet as much effort went into the comic as the music.

The Healing Powers Of Hate comes out on June 4th, but you can still check BornBroken out all over the place:



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