Review: Dark Century - Murder Motel (Out on April 18, 2014)

Dark Century is yet another metal powerhouse from Montreal, QC. Right away, on the very first track, I found that the overall sound of the band reminded me a little bit of Yyrkoon, which is awesome. By that I mean the tone of the instruments; the overall mix of this album sounds very similar to the overall mix of the last two Yyrkoon records. It's such a great mix for this kind of music, I'm not sure what exactly makes such a sound, if it's in the mastering or the gear the guys are playing or what, but holy hell does it ever sound good. What a good sounding record!

Before this was sent to me by Jon Asher I had not heard of this band, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear Murder Motel. The vocal delivery here is astounding, this dude has quite the set of pipes going on. Also, pay attention to those drums - what a great drummer. I can't wait to rip this one in the car, I can tell from the first listen through that this is going to pound the living shit out of my poor Malibu.

If you're at all into death metal, thrash metal, and grindcore, you'll be pleased with this seamless blend of aggression. This record is likely to scare the shit out of your neighbors and other drivers around you at red lights. I am very curious to hear Dark Century's other album, 2009's debut "Days Of The Mosh." As someone who was in a metal band that self-released our own EP, I have much respect for other bands doing the same. Definitely check this band out!

"Kill The Crowd" Video on YouTube

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