Deathpoint - Between The Lines Official Video

This was sent to me by Jon over at Asher Media. Another fine group of dudes from Hamilton, ON bashing out some heavy tunes. Right off the bat, I will say that I'm typically not a huge fan of the whole "metal scream/singing/metal screaming again/singing again" thing that some bands do, but Deathpoint pulls it off rather well. Most bands just sound pretentious to me when they do that (sorry!), but not so much in this case.

Between The Lines was one of the singles from the album "Sinister" which was released back in October 2013 via Spread The Metal Records. The band formed in 2005, with their debut album "Fixation" released in 2010, folled by "Suffer" EP in 2011. The band then signed with Spread The Metal in April of 2013, and released "Sinister" later in the year as metioned. Also interesting to note, these guys have opened for Beneath The Massacre, who are by far my favorite Canadian metal band. Anyone good enough to open for those guys have got to be worth a listen for sure, so check out the video, and listen to some more Deathpoint through the links below.

Also, for anyone reading from southern Ontario, Deathpoint will be playing at the APK in London on Febrary 7th, and at the Canadian Anglo Club in Windosor the next night, Feb.8th. If you're in or around either London or Windsor go check Deathpoint out live! I bet you can get copies of their albums and shirts directly from the band if you go to their shows, so make yourselves some plans.



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