Dissension - Of Time And Chronic Disease (Out on September 10, 2013)

I have re-realized this morning that the craziest metal bands from Canada more often than not end up coming to us from the province of Quebec, more specifically Montreal. Dissension comes to us swinging the hammer of brutality. What a great record! I've found that many blackened death metal bands end up sounding a lot more death metal than black metal, but Dissension have gone about it the opposite way and showcase the black metal quite well.

It is a huge pet peeve of mine when metal softens out, and it should be known that "Of Time And Chronic Disease" is all smiles from start to finish - hard as fuck all the way through, consistant in brutality, the way any good metal should be, regardless of sub-genre. Metal is supposed to be hard, fast and brutal. Dissension has it right on the head of the nail here, kids.

The production on this album is totally flawless and professional, another benchmark of quality. Going back a bit into punk rock ethics for a second, some folks want to think that high quality recordings with good production is en-route to being "sellouts," but I strongly disagree. Purposely subjecting yourself to band sound quality in fear of being called a sellout just makes you an idiot. Sounding good is no less important than playing good. I bring this up because of how refreshing it is to hear some good black metal that doesn't sound like it was recorded on an old 1990's answering machine.

If you're into black metal at all I strongly suggest picking up this album. What a great example of talented Canadian musicians carrying double their own weight in sheer awesome. I must once again send a huge thanks to Asher Media for this gem. A+ all around, folks. Go get it!

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