Generation Jobless

I think a lot of people need to realize what's going on around them. This CBC documentary makes for a good watch. I found this on Craigslist of all places, sifting around the (empty) employment catagories around where I live. Let me just say, for the record, that as beautiful and awesome as this island may be, there is fuck all for decent jobs going on around here. You can't find hardly anything for more than $10/hr here without like ten fucking years of school and another 10 years of experience, doing anything.

As lucky as I apparently am to even have a job, I continually find myself looking for another one. I often contemplate going back to school and gain some sort of training for a new career, but my biggest problem is trying to decided on something that not only will not drive me crazy, but also shows a good hiring rate... so far, nothing but a big headache. I'm just getting sick and tired of doing harsh physical labour for bottom dollar. Who ever thought that trying to change your life could be so hopeless?


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