Gord Downie - My Thoughts On The Situation

Sorry I am not so current on this blog as I once was. All of that aside for the time being. I heard about Gord and his glioblastoma diagnosis this morning, directly after I learned that it is also Tommy Chong's 78th birthday today. Thunder officially stolen. Though the diagnosis was given back in December 2015, it had been kept private until this morning.

The Tragically Hip are one of the "bigger" Canadian bands that I have always had an amount of respect and admiration for, however it has simply never worked out that I had been able to see them perform live. I've had tickets - twice - both times I had to give them away because I was unable to get out of work. So to hear that there is a tour being organized ASAP is kind of bittersweet; there's no way I'm going to miss out this time around but it's going to be a hello and a farewell at the same time. Shit eh!

Gord Downie is an honest writer, and it is blatantly obvious to anyone who has heard The Hip. I have always admired that about him as a songwriter, especially when compared to other Canadian acts which hold the same stature as The Tragically Hip. Their music isn't pretentious; there isn't a ploy or an insult to the intelligence of the listener, but rather well thought out and honest works that transpire from paper to voice in the most real of ways. I think it is safe to say that Gord Downie is irreplaceable and invaluable to Canadian music as a whole, and it is terribly unfortunate to learn of his prognosis.

I truly hope to see The Hip on this upcoming tour, and I sincerely hope that it may not in fact be their last. They are touring to support their 13th studio album, "Man Machine Poem," which is to be released via Universal on June 17th. I just missed out on getting to see Spirit Of The West a few months ago as well, who have also been dealt devastating blows towards the health of some of their members.

I am hoping the tour goes well for the guys, I am excited to see when they will be playing here out west, and I hope all the best for Gord Downie and his health. Very sad news for sure.

(both photos kindly borrowed from http://www.thehip.com)


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