Hipsters Refusal To Shave

I'm posting this because it was literally yesterday I was complaining to my wife about the cost of replacement razors for shaving, how insanely exspensive they seem to keep getting, that it seems unreasonable how much they want to charge for this stuff. Then I come across this little piece, which sort of helps put things into perspective a little bit. Not to say that I'm the kind of guy with a raging hardon for huge corporate entities, but this whole shaving razor deal kind of has a direct effect on me.

The article doesn't come right out and say that "because these dirty hippy wannabes don't like to shave, the cost of your razors will continue to increase in order to compensate lost sales," but that's exactly what it says when you read between the lines.

The article does make mention of "reclaimed and sustainable goods," and that's fine and great, but I'm a grown up who doesn't live with my parents, and I have real bills to pay, so I can't afford to go out and waste hundreds of dollars on stupid things like "trendy" razors.. when I go to the store to get some razors so I can shave, I couldn't give any less of a fuck how stylish and cool and retro my blades (that nobody other than myself and my wife even see) are, because my neck is covered in what feels like horrendous steel wool from hell, and I need to shave it the fuck off of my face before I lose my mind.

As far as sustainable goes, I don't buy the completely disposalbe all-in-one pieces, I get just the razors that snap onto the end of the shaver, which I might ad I've had the same one for roughly ten years now - seems fairly sustainable to me. I have terrible issues with razor burn, and with the actual razors themselves being part of the formula in this problem, I'm not willing to run around (again) and try every type of blade I can get my hands on (again) to see which one I can save 30 cents on while not ripping all the skin off of my neck (again).

As I said at the start, I'm only even laughing about this/posting this because it's pretty relevant for me. And anything that points out how ridiculous hipsters are is also a win in my books. Yeah, it kind of makes me feel like my Dad a little bit, the whole "I don't understand this shit all these kids are into these days," but I don't, and neither does most of my peer group, so I'm confident in the fact that it's not just me laughing at all these idiots. It's just too funny to me that it ends up being these dumb fucks, of all people, that are making something silly like shaving even more of a pain in the ass than it needs to be - or a pain in the wallet, I should say. Fuckers!!


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