Review: Hollow - Mordrake (Out on May 30, 2014)

Hollow are a blackened death metal band from Montreal, QC. This album is the band's second release; a follow up to their 2010 Cynoptic Eschaton EP. At first listen, I knew this band was a step ahead of the pack. These guys are tight as hell, and create an intense atmosphere with their brutal approach to metal. It is especially worth noting that the drums on this album were recorded WITHOUT the use of triggers; which not only ads to the overall black metal feel, but is a commendable nod to the old school way of doing things. There was also no use of midi, or any cut/paste editing. This is a true rarity in this day and age of recording! I'm a big fan of the heavy low end of the overall mix too, but I just have a thing for big thick bass, it just makes for such a full, rounded sound. For only having one guitarist, they've certainly got the right one - this dude shreds!!! Hot damn. And of course, as for vocal delivery, you get it all on this album. Nice high black metal-eque screaming, demonic harmonies, and intense gutteral death metal growls.

All of these guys are above average musicians on their own, which is blatantly evident when listening to them play as a band. I would jump at the opportunity to see Hollow play live, and if they're coming to play near you, I advise you do the same. But more importantly, if you're a black metal fan, get yourself a copy of Mardrake when it comes out on May 30th! Big thanks to Asher Media for sending this one my way, you rock dude!

"Landscape" official video



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