How About A Little Bit Of Common Sense?

Obviously, obviously the world isn't going to end on December 21, 2012. Unless you're a complete fucking moron who lacks in even the slightest amout of common sense, this is no surprise. I just love when science steps in to back up the facts of reality. I remember hearing something about this on the radio while I was at work last week, that Nasa had released a big statement about the December 21st nonsense. It's just fucking amazing to me how many sheeples out there are so willing to bend over, grab their ankles, and clamp their jaws down on that fear mongerer's pillow. It's such a buttfuck to a person's entire life, their entire way of thinking. I just imagine how it feels to be alive right now and think there's only 19 more days to live. I can't wait to see what all these assclowns have to say on the 22nd. They should come to the Mex in Courtenay, BC, because Deadkind will be playing - that's right - I'll be standing on a stage yelling at people through a PA system, and they sell alcohol in the same fucking room. No shit. $5 cover, $4 beers. BAM!! Anyhow, enough rambling, read this crap.


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