I Was There

One of the cool things about the internet machine is that sometimes you can find bits and pieces of events you've attended, as recorded by someone else. Here's some things I was present for:

Lagwagon, Toronto ON, at The Guvernment, July 24 2006 — Lawrence Arms opened, they were also really good. This isn't the greatest quality of video or anything, I'm just stoked that it's here:

Warped Tour — I've been to many warped tours, however I've had a hard time locating much (good) video from any that I've been to. I found one of NOFX, in Barrie ON 2006 — Barrie hosted the "Toronto" date a few times at Molson Park before Molson Park got sold. Live 8 was also there, lots of big outdoor concerts happened there. Anyhow, here's NOFX in 2006:

And also this one, same show:

Here's a funny NOFX/Warped Tour/Toronto fact for you, lol — I met "Nubs" at warped tour in 2002, before the song about her ("She's Nubs" from The War On Errorism) was released (2003), and again in 2005 when EVERYBODY knew who she was. She seemed really nice, and pretty stoked about the song too. Neat!


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