Just Some Random Stuff

I just got my hands on the Deftones' latest release, Koi No Yokan, and it's really fucking good. Also, I just got my hands on a bottle of Crown Royal MAPLE, and it's also really really fucking good. I've been drinking a lot of Collingwood whisky lately, but hot damn this maple is kicking my ass. For those of you who don't know, I very much enjoy whisky, and I also really like almost anything maple. I will say though, there is this strange maple whisky I've seen around that comes in a bottle that's shaped like a maple leaf, but I've never checked it out yet. Maybe I will now that I've tried the Crown. This stuff is seriously awesome, and you should get some too. I don't know how most other people might drink it but I like my whisky neat. Fuck chaser!! New Deftones and maple whisky. It's not even Friday yet and I'm already going for the gusto.


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