Last Night's Show In Campbell River

So last night, Deadkind played with Atrous Leviathin (from Victoria), Slagduster (from Grand Forks), and Galgamex (from Vancouver). Everybody sounded pretty good, Atrous were kind enough to bring along a PA system, and we also donated a couple speaker cabinets from our own PA to act as monitors for the bands playing. This was our first show in Campbell River since 2011, which Atrous Leviathin also played, but as far as I'm aware neither Slagduster or Galgamex had played here before. Slagduster were brand new to me, I had never heard them before but I thougt they were really good. They sort of reminded me of older Fear Factory, before they started to get that "industrial" feel to their music. I had seen Galgamex play in 2011 at Armstrong Open Air, and to no surprise they also laid the smack down hard.

I think everyone was a little disappointed with the turn out, but this is Campbell River after all, and I also think that the show started a little bit early; most lazy Riverites like to let their dinner settle a bit before coming out to a show and pushing eachother around. The weather is also starting to get a little bit nicer around here now too, so we've also got that to compete with. The best times to put on shows in a place like this (metal or otherwise) would be any time from October into February or early March, but also right around the end of June is a great time for all ages shows, because all the kiddies who just got let out of school for the summer feel like acting crazy to honor their newly-given two months of freedom.

Elk's Hall where we played is a pretty decent venue, for both all ages and 19+ events. If you are older than all ages it's especially great, because the bar attached to the venue by a short hallway has some of the cheapest drinks one can buy in a bar in Campbell River. How excellent! I made use of that wonderful convenience last night myself.

It's always fun to play to a hometown crowd, but part of me is a bit saddened by the way our local music scene has dwindled over time. There just aren't as many young people here now as there used to be 10 or 15 years ago. I still haven't given up on Campbell River, I believe that the scene here really can be revived, but it's not going to happen overnight and it's not going to be cheap either. Rest assured I still have faith.

It would be really great to play with these bands again, and especially since our drummer Steve's younger brother Stu is also the drummer in Atrous Leviathin, this is quite a realistic possibility. I will always post here when something is doing down with Deadkind! To those of you who made it out to see us last night, thanks again! We are no longer on the bill at the Waverly on April 27th, but worry not! Deadkind will be back on stage again before we know it.


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