Los Subtitles - Just A Little Bit Brighter EP

Los Subtitles are a three piece band, who emailed me directly, and describe themselves as "garage/demon doo-wop" from the Midlands, UK. Right away I thought that sounded pretty awesome, so I just had to have a listen. I wasn't sure what to expect them to sound like, but its pretty decent listening for sure. What I'm about to say about this band may easily be taken the wrong way, but believe me, this is absolutely 110% compliment: Listening to this record makes me want to get completely shitfaced drunk. For real, this is some hilarious, "let's have a ridonculous good time/drink your face off" music. You better believe I'm putting this one on next time the wife and I have a party at our house. It's loud, abrasive, full of reverb, and high energy. I really dig the DIY feel about this band, it just reminds me of being in a punk band as a teen.

"Just A Little Bit Brighter" is the third release from the band, put out in September 2013. They released the 8-song album "Dissolve" in July 2013, and a split in January 2013 with The Pale Faces. If these dudes ever play out here, I'm going!! Check this band out, and get ready to party your ass off! The only "complaint" I have comes from the music nerd in me, and it's not that I don't appreciate the sound or anything, but I think these guys would benefit greatly by adding a bassist. That's it, that's really all that's missing is the bass, other than that I wouldn't change a damn thing. Check this band out guys, for real!



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