Lucid Skies - Hounds EP (November 26, 2013)

Lucid Skies come flailing out of Edmonton with this intense 4 track EP. I hadn't heard of this band until just recently, and I'm pretty impressed with what I'm hearing. This is a good solid blend of old school hardcore and progressive thrash; nice short songs that still build and fly but don't leave you waiting for an end. I'm a big fan of the hardcore style scream singing, it reminds me a bit of Raised Fist or Sick Of It All, which works awesome for this band.

Overall the vocals are mixed just a touch loud for my tastes, but everything still comes across clear and full. These guys are putting many elements on the table that a wide range of aggressive music fans can all find something they enjoy here. Lots of breakbeats and break-downs, very melodic bass lines (that aren't lacking in heaviness, mind you) and a sick guitar sound with lots of crunch and just enough shred to go around.

These guys just indirectly remind me of a lot of bands that I like, and that's awesome. They don't sound like any particular band I can think of, they just remind me of a lot of good stuff. Sounds like a pretty simple concept, but it's such a rare thing lately. Lucid Skies are about to rip a 12 date tour to support the EP, so if you live near any of the places they'll be playing do yourself a favour and go check them out. And make sure to grab a copy of Hounds!! Thanks to Cara from Asher Media for sending this gem my way!



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