Meet Ray (Part 1) (Part 2)

Here's why this is so funny to me: as I mentioned in my first post, I spent a bit of time living in Ontario. You could not possibly imagine how many people there are there who are exactly like this guy. Exactly. You know, come to think of it, I've come across people like this just about everywhere I've been in this hilarious country, but the highest concentration is certainly in Ontario. Another reason this is so funny to me is because I have worked at numerous shops with yards very similar to the one these guys are at (aside from the cars, I'm no mechanic). I work with an old guy at my current job right now, and he's just like Ray too. Fucking awesome!

I think I heard him say at one point "Rodney," and you can clearly see the Ontario license plate on Ray's car in the first video, so I'm going to go out on a limb and assume these guys are in Rodney, ON, which is also known as West Elgin, ON, and is in the south-western part of the province (fairly close to Windsor.)

There are a bunch of these videos:
This one's funny, Ray and his son are both in this one, talking about being in jail together, lol pretty hilarious.. you can't make this shit up:
These guys even got into q102.1 The Edge in Toronto, but he's sober on the air (a little less fun lol):
He sounds a little pissed off about not getting paid for his appearances on the "1puglife" YouTube channel, but still a trooper! He gets into talking about his life a little bit, and Dean and the guys find some of it pretty funny... and so do I. I do hope he at least manages to get a little dough out of it though, if that really is the case, because getting ripped off sucks.

Long live Ray, and all the hilarious Ray types up here in Canada!!


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