My First Experience With Scelectium Tortuosum

Today I'm just hanging around my place not up to a whole lot, my wife is at work for a few more hours, and I have the day off. When we were in Vancouver a few weeks ago to see Roger Waters' The Wall and Tenacious D, we (obviously) made a number of stops to the New Amsterdam and CCHQ. In the back of the CCHQ store there is another little store called The Urban Shaman. These guys have lots of neat shit — Amanita Muscaria, Kratom, Salvia Divinorum, and this interesting Scelectium Tortuosum stuff, among many other things.

So I bought this stuff the first of three visits to The Urban Shaman, and a young woman was working. The next two times it was a bigger fellow, I think he's the owner. Anyhow, I noticed how cheap the stuff was for a gram of smokable product, so I asked her about it. She said is was her favorite thing that they sell, and that it's actually not so easy to find it in a smokable form. She told me a little bit about it, and also gave me an information sheet. It is supposed to be potentiator (enhancer of effects) for Cannabis, so that's how I'm trying it out.

12:35pm - I'm going to spark this thing now and see how it goes. The Scelectium is rather fine, somewhat like kief, so the half gram I added to the joint doesn't make it much larger than it would've been without it. Anyhow, here goes.

12:45pm - The burn is noticeably slower than a joint without the Scelectium. The taste is hard for me to describe; I am currently extremely congested due to seasonal allergies, so my taste is a little bit off right now. When I first lit it though I did get a bit of a flavor, can't quite put my finger on what it was but it was noticeably different. Not a bad taste, and it blended in after the first few puffs. Almost done now!

12:53pm — Finished. Too bad I'm so stuffed up, I'm curious what it smells like in here right now. Feeling pretty fucking hilarious already, very very nice!! Noticable right off the bat. We'll see how this rips over the next hour or so but it already seems worth the five dollars I paid.

1:17pm — Feeling extra baked. More than the average rip, this stuff is quite nice. I not only recommend it, but I also plan on getting a lot more next time we go to Van. Now it's time to make some sausage rolls lol!

1:26pm — Waiting for the oven to hit 400 degrees.. checking out the BC Parks website (, feeling like I want to do some more camping sometime soon! No shortage of awesome places to camp around here, provincial parks or otherwise. Still feeling extra baked! Good times :)

1:57pm — About to eat some sausage rolls now. Still feeling pretty baked! Going to stop writing now, but this stuff seems totally decent. Grab some if you ever get the chance (if you're into this sort of thing, of course) and try it out for yourself!

The Urban Shaman online
Scelectium info souce
Another scelectium info souce


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