New Faith No More record coming in April 2015

I don't know about anyone reading this, but for me, hearing about a new FNM album (after the release of the single "Motherfucker" for black Friday, which also happens to be Record Store Day) was a major "HOLY SHIT!" moment. By a long shot. I have been a huge Faith No More fan ever since I first heard Epic, and the rest of "The Real Thing" when the album was released in 1989. 1992's "Angel Dust" was a life changer for me, still a favorite record to this day. And like many (some) other Faith No More fans, I of course did my research and discovered the insane plethora of material involving Mike Patton in some way, shape or form. It's insane how much talent one individual can have, the guy is an incredible musician in every sense of the word. Anyways, as far as I know right now, at the end of January, the title of the new album hasn't been released, but the release date is supposed to be April 15 2015, on the band's newly formed record label Reclamation Records, which is a subsidiary label of Ipecac Recordings. Here's a fun fact: Faith No More will be playing their Vancouver BC tour date on the release day of the yet untitled new album. Whether or not I will be able to go, I am unsure, but I know I would really like to see them live.

And that’s not all! There is also another single being released titled "Superhero" on March 15, which is a nice little bonus while we wait for the full length record. Hot Damn!

Faith No More
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