Oh Yeah, My Band...

So as I mentioned before, I'm in a band... a death metal band! We're called Deadkind, we're from Campbell River, BC, Canada, and I somehow ended up as our vocalist. I've never done vocals in a band before Deadkind, but it's pretty fun, I'm not actually doing any real "singing" here, lol which is why I say vocalist rather than singer.

Anyhow, we recorded our first EP in March of 2011, and it was all finished and ready for the public by the end of April 2011. So not only does practically no one buy CDs anymore, but even less people have actually heard of Deadkind. We do have physical CDs, but for the most part they get sold at shows. There is one store here in Campbell River that sells them for us too.

I just figured I'd post the whole thing on YouTube so people can at least hear it for free, there are 3 radio stations so far that are playing stuff from the EP but it's not like you can just turn it on and hear us right away or anything. And, being a somewhat "aware" internet machine user, lol I know that there are ways to pull audio from YouTube videos online and turn them into MP3s — I'm not going to tell you how of course, but if you already know or are now about to go figure it out, you're welcome for the free album. It only cost us $500 to record anyhow, and none of us ever expected to be able to live off of this band, so whatever.. lol all I ask is that if you like it, come see us play live sometime.

I'll let you know if we ever get shirts made or anything. We are writing for our second album. We've already got a title for it. "The Absence Of Light." I wanted to call it "Balls Deep In A River Of Fucked," and I almost won, lol but I've been told that we can use it for the name of a song, but not the whole record. We'll probably start recording again in the winter of 2012.

So there it is, have a listen. :)


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