Our Tofino and Ucluelet Honeymoon

So as I was saying, I just got married on April 20th - pun intended and on the 22nd we went down island for our honeymoon. We stayed in Ucluelet but we spent a lot of time in Tofino. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Vancouver Island, Tofino KICKS ASS. This is one of the furthest western points in Canada; next stop China. These are the best beaches on the entire island.. bigtime surfing town with a shit ton of culture and huge fucking trees everywhere. We did so much cool shit while we were there, but here's a couple things I really want to tell you about:

LONG BEACH RADIO is an amazing radio station. For the most part, I can't stand the radio, but we tuned in to check the weather and it just stayed on the whole time. They broadcast online, and you should check it out.

TOFINO BREWING COMPANY is brand new, but god damn do they ever make a good beer!! Seriously. I had a glass of IPA at a restaurant called ‘Shelter' and then we drove straight to the brewery and I bought some blonde. Check them out too.

Get a big bag, get into your car, and go the fuck to Tofino!!!


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