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Kolony - Echoes (From upcoming 2014 release "Sledge")

Kolony comes from Montreal, QC. This is the first single released for the forthcoming LP "Sledge" which will be unleashed to the public a bit later in the year. Kolony has been performing live since 2011, but I am almost positive that this is their first released material. I have to tell you guys, when I first heard the beginning riff of this tune I was a little unsure of what to expect; fearing that the attempted blending of metal and melodic would be as disappoint as countless other bands' prior attempts, but this band totally nailed it! It is really refreshing to hear melodic metal that doesn't go to shit when the vocals kick in. I'm really impressed by this song, and I can't wait to hear the rest of this record! There must be something in the water in Montreal, so many amazing metal bands come from there. I've been hearing from people for years and years that the punk and metal scene there is crazy insane, and the proof is in the music for sure. So many great bands!! Definitely check this tune out, even if you're like me and not too excited about melodic metal I strongly advise you at least give it one good listen all the way through. It's awesome to hear harmonies that don't lose the heaviness, that quality in this songwriting kind of reminds me of Wintersun; though the playing in Wintersun is a lot busier overall, the idea of harmony and heaviness coexisting between these two bands is on the same plain to me, if that makes sense to anybody else.

Big thanks to Jon at Asher Media for this one! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Kolony, these guys are definitely going places.

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Endless Chaos - Rejected Atrocity EP (Due out March 4, 2014)

Wow, what a gem!! Much thanks to Jon at Asher Media for this one. This EP is so recent it doesn't have complete album art yet! Endless Chaos come from Winnipeg, Manitoba (the same city as one of my all-time favorite bands, Propagandhi!), and these dudes are playing heavy as balls. What an unbelievable blend of thrash/death/melodic/black metal going on here; it is so hard to make that all work together continuously, but Endless Chaos seem to have it down to a science.

It's hard also to believe that this is their debut, I'm honestly floored at how tight and brutal this band is. It sounds to me like they've been playing together for years and years, just an immaculate job. The drums are fucking insane, this dude is a machine gun. Hard hitting intensity and metronome precision make for a face-stomping good time. The guitar work is equally fantastic, whoever is playing these leads is fucking killing it. The rhythm section here keeps everything so tight, this drummer/bassist combo is a force to be reckoned with. I also really dig the vocals, specifically when the "cookie monster" growls happen, I just love those vocals after listening to Cannibal Corpse for so long.

Everything here is awesome, this band works together as a cohesive group, nothing feels chunky or out of place to me. The mix of this EP is really well done too, its really pleasing when the low-end is done properly on a recording, this one sounds awesome in my car. When you've got the kind of after-market audio system like I've been putting together, you can really appreciate the full spectrum of the music. I hope this band comes out to Vancouver Island sometime, because I would love to see these guys play live. March is a little ways away, so you've got lots of time to get ready to put your grubby hands all over this EP. If you're a fan of any form of aggressive music, you'll find something here that turns your crank without a doubt. Kudos to this band, and a huge thanks again to Jon at Asher Media. Hot damn!


It's been 2 years TODAY

On January 23, 2012, after being a shitty smoker for over 17 years, after trying every stupid pill, patch or gum I could get my tobacco-stained hands on, I went to Imagine Laserworks and got the laser treatment to quit smoking. I made a promise to my wife before we got married that she wouldn't be marrying a smoker, and it was the best promise I ever made in my life. On a side note, I just want to point out that if you ever expect people to take you seriously, on any level, you've got to stick to your word. At the end of the day, if you can't keep your word, what good are you? Sorry, had to say it. Anyways, I smoked cigarettes for over 17 years, and for roughly the last 5 of those years I was smoking more than a pack a day, sometimes close to 2 packs. I think about that now and it makes me want to punch myself so hard, you don't even know. I hated being a smoker for such a long time, but I was a poster-child of a hopeless addict. If I didn't have a smoke within about 2 hours (maximum, usually only waiting 2 hours when I was at work and had no choice) I'd get that "broken glass in my veins" feeling and want to punch everyone and everything in sight. It started out innocently enough, just like with every other stupid kid who starts smoking as a kid, and of course by the time I was sick of it, I couldn't stop. I tried everything I could over the years, and the longest I went was close to 3 months. The thing is though, if you think about logic and the way the human brain works, you can't use a tobacco product to stop using tobacco. That's all that the gums and patches and all that other shit is, they are smokeless tobacco products - which might I ad, most of them are owned by TOBACCO COMPANIES. It's a total sham, but I know from experience, even as a smoker who was desperate to quit, it's pretty hard to tell a hardcore smoker how it is and have them buy into it. That is what nicotine does to your brain, the same as any other addictive substance takes over your priorities, and that is the biggest single issue that makes quitting so hard for most smokers.

I'm not trying to be preachy or anything, honestly I know how it is to be on that side of it. I'm just really proud of myself for finally winning the war, and I am forever greatful to Imagine Laserworks for the miracles the perform. If you're a smoker and you genuinely want to stop, contact a laster treatment center, because all that over the counter stuff you buy in stores or get from your doctor is a huge, steamy pile of horseshit. None of it will ever ever work. You are the only person who can change your life, never forget that and never give up on yourself. If I could do it, anybody can!

Imagine Laserworks

Los Subtitles - Just A Little Bit Brighter EP

Los Subtitles are a three piece band, who emailed me directly, and describe themselves as "garage/demon doo-wop" from the Midlands, UK. Right away I thought that sounded pretty awesome, so I just had to have a listen. I wasn't sure what to expect them to sound like, but its pretty decent listening for sure. What I'm about to say about this band may easily be taken the wrong way, but believe me, this is absolutely 110% compliment: Listening to this record makes me want to get completely shitfaced drunk. For real, this is some hilarious, "let's have a ridonculous good time/drink your face off" music. You better believe I'm putting this one on next time the wife and I have a party at our house. It's loud, abrasive, full of reverb, and high energy. I really dig the DIY feel about this band, it just reminds me of being in a punk band as a teen.

"Just A Little Bit Brighter" is the third release from the band, put out in September 2013. They released the 8-song album "Dissolve" in July 2013, and a split in January 2013 with The Pale Faces. If these dudes ever play out here, I'm going!! Check this band out, and get ready to party your ass off! The only "complaint" I have comes from the music nerd in me, and it's not that I don't appreciate the sound or anything, but I think these guys would benefit greatly by adding a bassist. That's it, that's really all that's missing is the bass, other than that I wouldn't change a damn thing. Check this band out guys, for real!


Deathpoint - Between The Lines Official Video

This was sent to me by Jon over at Asher Media. Another fine group of dudes from Hamilton, ON bashing out some heavy tunes. Right off the bat, I will say that I'm typically not a huge fan of the whole "metal scream/singing/metal screaming again/singing again" thing that some bands do, but Deathpoint pulls it off rather well. Most bands just sound pretentious to me when they do that (sorry!), but not so much in this case.

Between The Lines was one of the singles from the album "Sinister" which was released back in October 2013 via Spread The Metal Records. The band formed in 2005, with their debut album "Fixation" released in 2010, folled by "Suffer" EP in 2011. The band then signed with Spread The Metal in April of 2013, and released "Sinister" later in the year as metioned. Also interesting to note, these guys have opened for Beneath The Massacre, who are by far my favorite Canadian metal band. Anyone good enough to open for those guys have got to be worth a listen for sure, so check out the video, and listen to some more Deathpoint through the links below.

Also, for anyone reading from southern Ontario, Deathpoint will be playing at the APK in London on Febrary 7th, and at the Canadian Anglo Club in Windosor the next night, Feb.8th. If you're in or around either London or Windsor go check Deathpoint out live! I bet you can get copies of their albums and shirts directly from the band if you go to their shows, so make yourselves some plans.


Notes Of A Hops Drinker

My friend Charlie, who I've known for more than 15 years, has started a beer blog. I wanted to share this blog with you because Charlie is a really enthusiastic guy and I especially respect his opinion when it comes to beer. He also happens to work in a liquor store, so it's pretty easy for him to get new material for his blog I'm sure. Anyhow, if you're interested in checking out a blog that is devoted to beer reviews, this one's for you. He has only recently started up, so be sure to check back as he continues to get more and more drunk!

Review: Melt Banana - Fetch (Out on October 1, 2013)

Melt Banana are from Tokyo, Japan and have been around since around 1992. This is their 7th full length studio release. I'm a little (more than a little) late with this one, but let me start off with a gerthy "holy shit." Melt Banana are a great example of genre blending that actually works. I like to simply refer to their music as "avant-garde," but one can easily pick out pieces of grindcore, noise rock, pop, synth-pop, and punk rock. I think that Ichirou Agata has probably got the most hilarious approach to playing guitar I have ever heard or seen, and I truly mean that as a genuine compliment, coming from a guitarist of almost 30 years myself. I can just listen to this stuff all day long. I really have aquired an appreciation over the years for those with an unorthodox approach to playing instruments, specifically when the end result comes out so flawless and beautiful as what Ichirou can do. On a side note, I have yet to track down any of his solo work, but based on what I've heard from Melt Banana and other reviews I have read, I am dying to get my hands on some Agata. I think this all stems from getting into Mr. Bungle when I was 13, but that's another story all together.

Vocalist Yasuko Onuki, again with the completely abnormal approach to vocals/singing, for lack of a better term blows my fucking mind. It honestly took me a little while to get used to this band a few (10 or 11) years back when I first heard of them, mostly due to her vocal delivery, but now that I'm "used to it" and have a better understanding of this band, I think she's brilliant. Now that I think about it, I have yet to hear any other vocalist even come close to sounding like her, but really, I don't think there are many people out there that could pull it off like she does. I don't know, I just really get a kick out of this band.

It has been six years since these guys have put any music out, the last release being "Bambi's Dilemma" back in 2007. I have learned that Yasuko and Ichirou have been performing live as a duo since last year, and have opted to also record "Fetch" as a duo. I'm not sure exactly who is programming what in regard to the drums, bass and sampling, but I could see someone with an untrained ear being surprised to find out only the vocals and guitar are "organic." I seem to like everything I have heard from Melt Banana thus far, but I must say, Fetch is really really good. It sounds really good in the car too, which is good for extra points in my book. I got this one late, it's been out for a couple of months, so do yourself a favor if you're feeling adventurous (to those who have never heard this band) and check this record out.

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Review: Jake Bugg - Shangri La (November 18, 2013)

My wife and I both became instant fans the first time we heard Jake's music about a year ago now, and we just caught him live in Vancouver back in September. We've both been looking really forward to Shangri La, and neither of us were disappointed with this album whatsoever. Two singles from Shangri La were available early; a demo of "What Doesn't Kill You" was released in September (days before we saw him live), and "Slumville Sunrise" in October. We were fortunate enough to hear both songs live before the album was released, as well as "A Song About Love." It was interesting to hear the version of "What Doesn't Kill You" on the album, as much less of Jake's Nottingham accent comes through on Shangri La. Much like his self-titled release of 2012, Shangri La is a record I have no trouble listening to all the way through without skipping any tracks. This record also has a bit more of an upbeat feel to it than last year's debut, with a few more rock songs and a bit faster tempo. The name from this album comes from Rick Rubin's studio in Malibu CA where this was recorded over the summer of 2013. A funny thing to note too, this record wasn't supposed to be released in North America until January 2014 (much the same as the debut record coming out in North America months after the initial release in the UK), but when his most recent tour sold out so fast, Island Records decided to push the release back to November 19 2013, one day after the UK release by Mercury Records. Way to go Jake! I hope this kid has years and years of music up his sleeves yet, because this is the kind of stuff I don't see myself ever getting sick of. I'm sure glad my wife and I got to see him live for $15 while we could!!! Go out and get this album today, it's a real gem.

Bleeding Green - Michael Jackson Died Today (June 25, 2009)

This was recorded back in 2009 on the day that ol' Wacko Jacko bit the dust. Don't get me wrong, I know the guy had his problems and... other things, but it was more or less a coincidence that we had quite literally just found out that he died about 2 minutes before the three of us were about to go and play some music together, so this song would have probably happened either way. It's myself on guitar, Shawn Richards on bass guitar and Steve Hentze on drums, who also previously played drums in Deadkind and currently Dead Tree Forest with me. We recorded many many jams between us that summer, sometimes with other friends playing as well, but this song in particular is one of the real gems; we all just read eachother so well that day that it sounds like something we'd played together before. I wish there was video footage to go along with the audio, but better just the audio than nothing at all I suppose. Anyway if you've got ten minutes give it a rip.