R.I.P. David Brockie, aka Oderus Urungus, Aug. 30, 1963 - Mar. 23, 2014

I don't even really know what to say about the passing of Dave Brockie, I was just listening to Battle Maximus the other day, thinking how rad it would be to see Gwar again. I've been a Gwar fan since I first discovered the band in 1990; as a super hyperactive ADHD kid with an attention span of about 8 seconds, Gwar was one of the most hilarious and awesome things I'd even seen at that time in my life. I knew the very first time I saw them on TV that I would one day see them live and get that crazy shit sprayed all over me. Man, I can't believe he died! A world without Gwar, how strange it seems. On a side note, it is a surprisingly little known fact that Dave was born in Ottawa, ON, another fine example of an exceedingly great Canadian musician.

I was only able to see Gwar live once, in Toronto ON at the Kool Haus on the Bam Margera Viva La Bands tour in 2006, with Cradle Of Filth and CKY. At the time I bought tickets, I was working at a make-up manufacturing plant, and had alread given my notice that I would be quitting. On my last shift, two or three days before the show, I took one of the white lab coats home with me to wear at the show. It got completely covered in Gwar juice, most predominantly the spray from Oderus's Cuttle Fish, which got me from head to toe and stained the shit out of that lab coat while I was crowd surfing. I still have the coat, I've even used it in a Halloween costume since then. The colour of the Gwar stain has faded considerably but it still totally visible, as my intention was to not wash the Gwar off but instead preserve the memory of such a fun show. I'm super glad I did! Rest in peace Dave, and thanks for the fun times and all the crazy tunes.

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