R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman

Jeff Hanneman of Slayer died on May 2, 2013 of liver failure, and it is also believed that the necrotizing fasciitis he contracted in 2011 played a role in his death.

Jeff met Kerry King in 1981 when they were both auditioning for a band, and once they met and started talking about music they decided to start their own band. Kerry brought in a couple of friends, Dave Lombardo and Tom Araya, thus forming Slayer. Any fan of aggressive music to any degree can attest to Slayer's importance in the development of thrash metal as a genre throughout the 1980s and 1990s. I've never seen anyone carve "Kiss" or "Van Halen" or even "Metallica" into their arms, but there are countless DIY and professional Slayer scarifications all over the planet. Slayer is that kind of band, they proved that when you write the craziest music, you not only get the craziest fans, but extremely loyal crazy fans.

Next time you're in a lineup waiting to get into a punk show or a metal show just yell "SLAYER!" and see what happens. Thank you Jeff for your contribution to music, you will be missed by many. Slayer lives forever.


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