Sanktuary - Something Fierce (Out on July 2, 2013)

Sanktuary are originally from the Yukon Territory, but have relocated to Halifax, Nova Scoatia. Something Fierce is the bands debut on Spread The Metal records. These guys have a cool old school thrash kind of sound, and anyone who is into bands like 3 Inches Of Blood or Havok will be pretty stoked to hear these guys. Before relocating the guys did two back to back EPs, a self-titled release in 2009 and "Black Magic Brew" in 2010.

Check these guys out, and better yet, check them out live if they're playing near you!! Thanks again to Jon Asher for sending this one to me.

First single 'Fire In The Sky' on

Sanktuary on Facebook

Live Video for "Life In The Fast Lane"


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