Sensible BC - It's About God Damned Time

Right now, Dana Larsen is doing for BC what has needed to be done here since before I was born. Before any of us were born. To be honest, I think that this is something that should have never needed doing at all in the first place, but we simply cannot change the past. Marijuana prohibition happned before any of our time, and even beyond that, many people don't really know why we even have such laws to begin with.

In order to make a long involved story very short, the easiest way to spell it out is that more or less, the marijuana laws that are still being enforced to this day were born out of rasism in the southern United States in the 1930s.

In fact, the very word "Marijuana" was made up by the same person who effectively made it illegal with the 1937 tax act, Harry Anslinger. He needed a good, mexican sounding name for this gentle plant in order to help demonize it as something that leaks into the country with illegal aliens from south of the border. He also didn't like how all the (stoned) black musicians were playing horrible (blues) music that possessed innocent white women (they enjoyed the music) and made them seem towant to act out in the most lewd manner (they liked to dance to the music in the downtown bars where the musicians played).

It can seem hard for some people to connect today's laws with the past, but the truth hurts, and the truth is that today's marijuana laws stem from racism. In my mind this is just one more reason to abolish these absurd laws, and do away with victimless "crimes." Decriminalization is a major step in the right direction, and in 2014 we can make a difference together by signing the petition to put the Sensible Policing Act into place. Dana Larsen is doing a saint's work and I am confident that the Sensible BC movement will be the push from the public to the government that we need in order to move forward as a province, and hopefully one day as an entire country.

On a side note, as a Canadian, I must point out how sad (and unpredidcted!) it was to watch Washington and Colorado states vote to legalize and win - how in the hell did the states beat us? In the past, it was the US who stepped in and stopped it from happening in Canada with threats of "bad things to come" from the George W, administration. Wonderful. Stephen Harper had no problem grabbing his ankles and taking it, irregardless of what the people of this country actually want.

Have a look at the Sensible BC site for yourself, and don't forget to register!


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