So, I've Been Away For A Little While...

Two major things happened at the beginning of July that had a major effect on my ability to properly ad to my blog. I got a camp job, so I am away for 8 days at a time. It's a really good gig but the internet connection out there isn't so awesome, and all my stuff for reference is on my computer at home, which is the source of the rest of my current blogability issues. My computer is in need of some parts, which I am patiently waiting for, but once I get a few things straightened out in there it should be business as usual. I got a few really great records sent to me over the summer from Asher Media, I told him my situation and to bare with me, so hopefully I've still got that connection when things get normal again.

On a side note, I am really looking forward to getting my hands on the new Copyrights album "Report," the few songs I have heard from it are really really good, I just know that whole album probably kicks ass. I'm also looking forward to the new records on the way from Lagwagon AND Swingin' Utters, but even more than that, I am looking really forward to seeing them play together in Seattle in November! I got a couple of tickets for the wife and I, and neither of us have been to Seattle before, so it's going to be a pretty fun trip for sure. We're also excited to take advantage of Washington's recent law changes, perhaps a fun little taste of what is yet to come for BC as soon as this province pulls it's head out of its ass as legalizes. Marc Emery is a free man once again, so you know for damn sure the ball is already rolling on that!

So anyways, just a little update; I haven't gone anywhere and the blog is not dead, just suffering from some prolonged technical difficulties. Don't forget to follow me (counterculturenerd) on Instagram! I have a Twitter too but I never, ever use it, so don't worry about it. Stay baked!


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