Review: Strung Out - Transmission.Alpha.Delta (Released on March 24th, 2015)

Strung Out are one of the bands that I can honestly say that I fell in love with at first listen. I remember hearing "Rotten Apple" on the 1996 Fat Wreck Chords compilation album "Survival Of The Fattest" and completely losing my mind. I couldn't believe how tight and fast they played, like this band was from another planet or something. Jason Cruz is an amazing vocalist and his performance on Transmission.Alpha.Delta is outstanding. Jordan Burns is also a drummer I've always admired, his fills are insane and he uses every available part of his kit, which I also like. Jake Kiley and Rob Ramos have such a powerful guitar sound together; so full sounding and just that perfect tone. Chris Aiken's bass is mixed amazingly on this album as well. I am a full blown bass addict and I love hearing that deep pounding bass in rock genres of music. Needless to say, this record will be in heavy rotation in my car for a long, long time.

Regardless of how familiar you may be with this band, but particularly for anyone who enjoys the melodic So-Cal style of playing, I highly recommend adding this one to your collection. A great listen all the way through, I can't find anything about this album that I don't like. I was fortunate enough to have seen Strung Out live twice, and hearing their great new music makes we want to run out and see them live again as soon as I get the chance. Grab this record and get in the know.

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