Subpop Records Are Awesome

Ah, Subpop. You've been there for roughly the last 2/3 of my life, proudly providing and supporting many levels of blatantly weird shit throughout the years. Seriously though, do you remember way back, late 80's/early 90's, when this label got really big? Sure, Nirvana played a big part in that, but aside from Nirvana, the marketing scheme these dudes came up with was brilliant. Subpop promoted Subpop as a whole, as the main product, and then its bands. Most labels don't do anything like that at all; strictly band promotion. But Subpop did it ass backwards, and it's awesome to me because you know damn well it worked out great.

But enough of my rambling already!! I'm posting this video because I still fucking love how weird Subpop is. This Chad VanGaalen dude is fairly new to me but I must say I quite enjoy it! If you're like me you'll likely follow a bunch of video links from this one and listen to a bunch more of this guy's tunes — there are a couple more videos that are animated all strange like this one too. So check it out, get weird! :)


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