The Songs Of Tony Sly: A Tribute (October 29, 2013)

Tony Sly was an unbelievable songwriter. I first discovered No Use For A Name when I was 12 or 13, and I knew at first listen that this wasn't just another punk band. Though most (especially earlier) No Use songs were initially played quite fast and with heavy distortion, they more often than not translate extremely well across different genres of music. One of my favorite things about this tribute album is being able to hear exactly that. The Acoustic Vol.1 and 2 albums Tony did with Joey Cape (2004 and 2012 respectively) now seem to almost foreshadow this record in a way, hearing those familiar old songs softened, slowed and stripped down to the bare essentials. It worked as seamlessly and beautifully then as it does again now on this tribute to Tony.

I was fortunate enough to have seen No Use For A Name live multiple times. I find it hard not to think about the live show experiences I've had with bands after the fact when I listen to their music. Of all the times I watched them, I never did get the impression that anyone in that band was simply going through the motions, or just there to make some money and get some tail. One just can't be a part of a band like that with such an amazing songwriter, and not love what you're doing. As far as I've ever known, No Use was a band crafted from the love for the music itself, the same way Tony wrote each and every one of his songs.

It is just such a sad thing, I think that there was a lot of music left in Tony, and that this wasn't your typical "rock star death." For me it just seems far more tragic and sad than rock n' roll or glamerous. I don't think it was truly meant to happen, but it is far too late for that. Thank you for all the wonderful music, and the great memories that go along with it. Never forget Tony Sly. 1970-2012.

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