Today is December 22, 2012

I just feel the need to point that out. All my life, I've had to listen to all these quackjobs talk about "the end of the world, on December 21, 2012!!!" Well, guess what: NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENED. All the fear mongering in the world still couldn't make it happen, today is the 22nd, and we're all still here, just as alive as we were on the 20th.

I just can't help but get angry when I hear all these fucking idiots, these conspiracy fuckwads who just love to live in fear, trying to spread thier irrational fear and make people freak out over nothing. It's just total bullshit, and now, just as I thought would happen, the mother of all bullshit has come and gone and nothing happened at all, anywhere, to anybody.

I would just like to personally extend a giant FUCK YOU on behalf of anybody with a brain to all of you "the world is going to end" pieces of shit. That's exactly what you people are, pieces of shit. Instead of spending all that time thinking up all kinds of nonsense and getting all worked up about impossible things, why not fucking relax for a change, do something fun and calm the fuck down. Go out and buy yourself a bag of weed! Fuck, go out and try to get laid man. I'll tell you this, once you finally find a real live vagina for yourself, the only world that will end is the one you live as an antisocial fear mongering masturbator.

How the fuck can you expect anybody to take you seriously anymore? All you've done for yourselves is show the rest of the world how weak, gullable and stupid you are. The rest of us are all laughing our asses off.

Here's some more idiots from days gone by:


This is the radio station website for that Harold Camping idiot, remember that douche bag back in May 2012, all those billboards about the rapture? What a dumb cocksucker. All of that shit has since been deleted from their site, but some of it is still on the wikipedia page for Harold Camping:

The morale of the story is don't be a stupid asshole and keep your bullshit to yourself.


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