Tony Sly Died

I seriously have no idea in the world how it took me this long to find out; apparently he "died peacefully in his sleep" on August 1st 2012... August almost over now as I write this. Anyways, Tony was a talented songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, AND as far as I'm concerned is also partially responsible (alongside Joey Cape) for the rise of the acoustic/folk punk over the last 5 or so years. For those of you who don't know, Tony and Joey released their first of two acoustic split albums in 2004, the follow-up just being released in June 2012.

What an absolute shame, and an immeasurable loss to music as a whole. I just can't help but wonder what makes a 41 year old dude die in his sleep.. fucking shitty deal. Rest in peace Tony, and thank you for all the songs you've left for us.


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