Where Are They, Anyways?!?!

This morning I just happened to notice that it seems like none of the bands I want to see ever come to Vancouver or Victoria very often (or at all) anymore. These places are still a good ways away from me, but are the closest cities for "bigger" bands to play in. Who am I talking about, you ask?

It'd be really nice if some bands like Bad Religion, NOFX, Lagwagon, Cattle Decapitation, Propagandhi, The Dead Milkmen, Beneath The Massacre, Dan Andriano, Pulley or Cannibal Corpse would come back to town... shit, even bands who are from the area like SNFU and The Real McKenzies.. what the hell man, do you guys ever play anymore or what?! I want to come to your shows and spend money on your merch and get wasted and have a good time, damnit!!!!


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