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Chronic Art

Cheech and Chong
Mark and Jodie Emery Marley Jack Herer

What do you do with your roach papers? Probably the same thing as most people, simply discard them. A dude named Cliff Maynard found something a little more productive to do with all his leftover roach papers - art. I am so jelous I never thought of this before! Hot damn. The portraits this guy does by cutting and gluing roach papers are better than a lot of people can do with pens and pencils. I can assure you that one day one of these will be hanging in our house somewhere! You can order them direct from Cliff on his website. Check out the Chronic Artwork gallery!


Snik - Stencil Artist


I was told to check this guy's art out by a coworker a few days ago. This lady I've worked with for the past 3 years told me, "have a look at this guy's stuff, I know its right up your alley!" How could I not be intruiged by that? I was not only super impressed by Snik's work, but also wondered how this stuff had managed to elude me for so long.

It's hard to pinpoint what my favorite element is; the artwork itself is amazing, yet the canvases he choses to display his talents make them temporary works, little more to the misunderstanding folks as petty grafitti. There are a number of works on canvas and prints, and there are also other interesting platforms such as a piano and a chair.

Pretty cool stuff, check it out mang.


Ablaze Metal Art

So there are all these artsy Christmas markets and fairs going on right now, all month, and my wife and I like to go to them because that's where you find the good shit - just like knowing which local farmer's markets to go to for the really good stuff - all the jams and veggies and all that kind of stuff. We saw Ablaze at a couple events over the summer, and then again now a few times recently at all the Christmas events. I think its a husband and wife that do this, I'm not entirely sure but this stuff is really fucking nice. The pictures on the site are pretty good but they don't really do the pieces quite the same justice as standing in front of them, seeing them for yourself. I especially enjoy the trees, and the native style pieces. I want a whole bunch of this in our house!!


Julie Robinson

Julie lives in Tofino, BC and her artwork is pretty sweet. Check it out.


Psychedelic Art

Psychedelic Art

I like psychedelic art. Don't get me wrong, I don't trip balls on a regular basis or anything, I just really enjoy this kind of art; I like the whole "outside the box" aspect to it. Check some of this stuff out:

Spoki Gallery

Alex Grey

Gwen Davies

Furlogy gallery


Tim Lehi

Do you like tattoos? I found this blog on the internet machine and thought you might like it. Lots of sick artwork here!