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Dead Tree Forest

Introducing the mutant beast that once was Deadkind, morphed from the metal into the rock as Dead Tree Forest. I actually picked the band name this time around, influenced by a patch of dead trees along the highway here in Campbell River, and also as an homage to the old band. Aside from that, the little punk rocker in me couldn't help notice that it sounds pretty cool abbreviated, DTF.

So, in a nutshell, we're not from a very good place to be trying to make a metal band work, as things just aren't the way they used to be around here anymore. Once upon a time, there was a huge scene for punk and metal in Campbell River, but those days are gone. A lot of those people who are into that sort of thing don't live here anymore. There's still a good handful of metalheads and punks, but not in the numbers we used to see back in the day.

Dead Tree Forest is a rock-oriented band, and we're really planning to use that to our advantage; rock music has many moods and faces, and our plan is to dabble into all of them, or as many as we can pull off at least. It's kind of a "getting back to our roots" sort of thing, as there really wouldn't be all of the crazy music we listen to had rock n roll not come along first. I guess for me personally, it's all about putting a pair of balls back into rock music, as so many cheesy pretentious bands have spent years castrating the holy hell out of it.

Rock n roll used to scare the living shit out of people; when rock was new, society wasn't ready for it. Granted, this music will never be like that again, but the nostalgia of that whole "danger" associated with rock music is attractive to me. When grunge came along in the early 1990s, it was almost like that again, almost. We just want to do it again, it's been too long. Being in Deadkind was all good and fun, and I still wish it didn't have to end, I think the potential for craziness in DTF is pretty decent.

I'll keep you posted.