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A Mid-July Blog Update

So, it's been a couple of weeks. I must apologize, because it is gorgeous outside here and it has been for the last month, still going strong! I haven't been around the computer all that much lately is all, otherwise there'd be all kinds of stuff here since the fireworks. But don't start thinking that nothing's on the go though. Jon Asher sent me an album from the Fort McMurray AB metal band "Until Dawn" and it's really good, so I'll be doing a review on that soon.

Also, speaking of metal, I regret to inform anyone who gives a shit that Deadkind has been put to sleep. The decision to kill the band was made without my knowledge or participation, and it saddens me deeply that it had to end. We had roughly half of what was to be our second album written, and I was so fucking stoked on the new songs.. the songs had grown so much since the time we were writing for the first EP, it just really bums me out that none of the new stuff will likely ever be recorded. Those songs are lost and gone. Total bummer man, total bummer.

Don't get too bummed out though. Three out of four of who used to be Deadkind got together right away again and are already working on something new. As of right now the new band (which is yet to be named at this point) consists of Stephen Hentze on drums, Corey Robb on rhythm guitar and myself on lead guitar. We have a couple of potential bassists lined up, but we have no idea what in the hell we're going to do about a singer. I'm hoping that whoever ends up playing bass with us is a half decent singer, because Corey can kind of sing and I sort of sing a little bit too (though I'd much prefer to be screaming or cookie-monster grunting). That way, it'd be easy for us to all just take turns song by song. I suppose Corey and I could just do that, but I've convinced myself that it won't work unless there are three of us sort-of singers.

Now here's the big catch, ready? No longer a metal band. Not even a punk band, but like.. just a rock band. We decided to just call our stuff "rock" because really, if you sit and think about it for a couple of minutes, there are many many variations of rock-oriented music, and the idea is to be able to play with all of these different angles and aspects rather than pigeon-hole ourselves to one thing only, you know? Aside from that, this town just ain't like it used to be, and sadly, there's not much of an audience left locally for a band like Deadkind, and so, evolution is necessary. We can't afford to drive 200km or more every time we want to play a successful show, so now we won't have to. Hell, we might even get played on an actual radio station. Only time will tell!

I'll let you know when we have a real name, and then we'll have a page on Facebook and all that stuff.. you'll be sick of me talking about it in no time. So if you can get past the band talk, make sure you come back to check out my reviews, and the other silly shit that I put here.

Nardwuar says it best: "Keep on rocking in the free world, and doo-doo-da-loo-do..."

R.I.P. Deadkind 2009-2013

Last Night's Show In Campbell River

So last night, Deadkind played with Atrous Leviathin (from Victoria), Slagduster (from Grand Forks), and Galgamex (from Vancouver). Everybody sounded pretty good, Atrous were kind enough to bring along a PA system, and we also donated a couple speaker cabinets from our own PA to act as monitors for the bands playing. This was our first show in Campbell River since 2011, which Atrous Leviathin also played, but as far as I'm aware neither Slagduster or Galgamex had played here before. Slagduster were brand new to me, I had never heard them before but I thougt they were really good. They sort of reminded me of older Fear Factory, before they started to get that "industrial" feel to their music. I had seen Galgamex play in 2011 at Armstrong Open Air, and to no surprise they also laid the smack down hard.

I think everyone was a little disappointed with the turn out, but this is Campbell River after all, and I also think that the show started a little bit early; most lazy Riverites like to let their dinner settle a bit before coming out to a show and pushing eachother around. The weather is also starting to get a little bit nicer around here now too, so we've also got that to compete with. The best times to put on shows in a place like this (metal or otherwise) would be any time from October into February or early March, but also right around the end of June is a great time for all ages shows, because all the kiddies who just got let out of school for the summer feel like acting crazy to honor their newly-given two months of freedom.

Elk's Hall where we played is a pretty decent venue, for both all ages and 19+ events. If you are older than all ages it's especially great, because the bar attached to the venue by a short hallway has some of the cheapest drinks one can buy in a bar in Campbell River. How excellent! I made use of that wonderful convenience last night myself.

It's always fun to play to a hometown crowd, but part of me is a bit saddened by the way our local music scene has dwindled over time. There just aren't as many young people here now as there used to be 10 or 15 years ago. I still haven't given up on Campbell River, I believe that the scene here really can be revived, but it's not going to happen overnight and it's not going to be cheap either. Rest assured I still have faith.

It would be really great to play with these bands again, and especially since our drummer Steve's younger brother Stu is also the drummer in Atrous Leviathin, this is quite a realistic possibility. I will always post here when something is doing down with Deadkind! To those of you who made it out to see us last night, thanks again! We are no longer on the bill at the Waverly on April 27th, but worry not! Deadkind will be back on stage again before we know it.

Two Deadkind Shows Coming Up

That's right folks. If you are in either Cumberland BC or Campbell River BC, or close to these fun little towns, you can come watch Deadkind play (twice!) this April, along with some other great BC punk and metal bands. What's not to love? Come get wasted and flail with us.

Deadkind Is Playing In April

Deadkind Logo

That's right! We're booked for a big fatty in Cumberland, BC for April 27 2013. We're opening the show, and there's 4 other bands.

Click Here for the Facebook event page. Go there and like it or share it or whatever other Facebook stuff you usually do.

Here's some more info about the other 4 bands in the lineup:

THE REBEL SPELL from Vancouver

DEADMANS TRIO from Nanaimo

HUNDY THOU from Victoria

HOME OF THE ISOTOPES from Flordia (?), also here

Deadkind - Still Not Dead

Deadkind Logo

I got to thinking that it's been a little while since most people outside of our little circle have heard much of anything from or about the band. I suppose I should fill you in, at least a little bit. There are a couple of minor details I'm not exactly at liberty to disclose of yet, but here's what I can tell you: Nick left the band last year. Johnny wasn't able to fully commit, we had all discussed it as a band a number of times, so we all knew that he'd eventually be replaced. Nobody had heard much from him for a little while, so we started seeking out a new bassist. We are fairly sure we may have found a new guy, but we're not 100% sure, so that's all I'm saying about it right now. IF this works out with the person we're currently discussing the idea with, the growth potential for Deadkind would be mind boggling. We are very fortunate to be from a place that has no shortage of talent amongst it's population, and even more fortunate to know some of these fine people.

In late 2011 we began writing new material for our second album, without a bassist or second guitarist. There is a noticeable difference in the style of writing between the first album and what will be the second release. Overall the songs have less of a formulated structure, but are also much more complex in chord progression, transitions and timing changes. I didn't write all the lyrics for the firs album alone, but this time I am. The writing process is much slower now that it was a year and a half ago, but there is a lot more thought and communication between us going into the new songs. We don't have a full album written just yet, but we're all quite pleased with the direction the songwriting has been taking, and we also feel more confident as a band the second time around. Times are changing, folks.

We also lost our jam space last year, which I think had the biggest impact on us in terms of the rate that we get shit done. We were able to play as loud as we could stand it without disturbing anybody, it was a completely ideal place for a band to practice. So we went from there to Steve's basement. Steve and Corey are practically neighbors in a townhouse subdivision. While Steve did previously do a bunch of sound reinforcement work in his basement, there is still only so loud you can be in a townhouse. However, my wife and I are about to move into a house 20 minutes outside of town on almost an acre with no neighbors in sight, so things will quickly be back to the way they used to be — practicing at my place means loud as fuck again! I feel I should point out why loud is important. First and foremost it's because drums are loud. In this type of music especially, to properly execute the speed and intensity required to get the right sound, the volume can be exceedingly raging. It is nothing short of necessary that all stringed instruments be able to "stay afloat" and not be drowned out by loud cymbal crashing or blast beating. Everybody needs to be able to hear everybody else at all times, no matter what is being played. And for me personally, I have a hard time being able to get those grunts out the right way unless we're playing at the right volume. When I can scream louder than the volume on the PA I'm coming through, it just takes away from the experience. It's also harder to hear myself while I'm listening to the rest of the band. So needless to say, we're not reaching these comfortable volume levels at Steve's place — but in a few weeks we will be, once again.

We're all really happy with the direction the band is headed in right now. Unfortunately things have been a little bit slower in the last few months, we haven't been able to play any shows without a second guitarist or more importantly a bassist. Once we get those issues completely solved and we feel everyone is up to speed with the songs, we can start doing shows again. By that time our second album may be completely written, or already in the recording process.. only time will tell. We've even gotten into discussions about touring, though that won't be happening until at least next year, at the earliest. The most important thing for people to know about Deadkind right now is that we'll be back on stage again as soon as we can, and it will be worth the wait.

Nuclear Holocaust Radio

Now is about the time you might like to ask yourself, "Do I like listening to metal? Do I want to check out a sick metal station, and maybe hear some crazy shit I’ve never heard before?" If you answered "Yes!" to the questions above, then do yourself a favor and stream Nuclear Holocaust Radio!!! They even play my band Deadkind sometimes.


Oh Yeah, My Band...

So as I mentioned before, I'm in a band... a death metal band! We're called Deadkind, we're from Campbell River, BC, Canada, and I somehow ended up as our vocalist. I've never done vocals in a band before Deadkind, but it's pretty fun, I'm not actually doing any real "singing" here, lol which is why I say vocalist rather than singer.

Anyhow, we recorded our first EP in March of 2011, and it was all finished and ready for the public by the end of April 2011. So not only does practically no one buy CDs anymore, but even less people have actually heard of Deadkind. We do have physical CDs, but for the most part they get sold at shows. There is one store here in Campbell River that sells them for us too.

I just figured I'd post the whole thing on YouTube so people can at least hear it for free, there are 3 radio stations so far that are playing stuff from the EP but it's not like you can just turn it on and hear us right away or anything. And, being a somewhat "aware" internet machine user, lol I know that there are ways to pull audio from YouTube videos online and turn them into MP3s — I'm not going to tell you how of course, but if you already know or are now about to go figure it out, you're welcome for the free album. It only cost us $500 to record anyhow, and none of us ever expected to be able to live off of this band, so whatever.. lol all I ask is that if you like it, come see us play live sometime.

I'll let you know if we ever get shirts made or anything. We are writing for our second album. We've already got a title for it. "The Absence Of Light." I wanted to call it "Balls Deep In A River Of Fucked," and I almost won, lol but I've been told that we can use it for the name of a song, but not the whole record. We'll probably start recording again in the winter of 2012.

So there it is, have a listen. :)