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So, I've Been Away For A Little While...

Two major things happened at the beginning of July that had a major effect on my ability to properly ad to my blog. I got a camp job, so I am away for 8 days at a time. It's a really good gig but the internet connection out there isn't so awesome, and all my stuff for reference is on my computer at home, which is the source of the rest of my current blogability issues. My computer is in need of some parts, which I am patiently waiting for, but once I get a few things straightened out in there it should be business as usual. I got a few really great records sent to me over the summer from Asher Media, I told him my situation and to bare with me, so hopefully I've still got that connection when things get normal again.

On a side note, I am really looking forward to getting my hands on the new Copyrights album "Report," the few songs I have heard from it are really really good, I just know that whole album probably kicks ass. I'm also looking forward to the new records on the way from Lagwagon AND Swingin' Utters, but even more than that, I am looking really forward to seeing them play together in Seattle in November! I got a couple of tickets for the wife and I, and neither of us have been to Seattle before, so it's going to be a pretty fun trip for sure. We're also excited to take advantage of Washington's recent law changes, perhaps a fun little taste of what is yet to come for BC as soon as this province pulls it's head out of its ass as legalizes. Marc Emery is a free man once again, so you know for damn sure the ball is already rolling on that!

So anyways, just a little update; I haven't gone anywhere and the blog is not dead, just suffering from some prolonged technical difficulties. Don't forget to follow me (counterculturenerd) on Instagram! I have a Twitter too but I never, ever use it, so don't worry about it. Stay baked!

It's been 2 years TODAY

On January 23, 2012, after being a shitty smoker for over 17 years, after trying every stupid pill, patch or gum I could get my tobacco-stained hands on, I went to Imagine Laserworks and got the laser treatment to quit smoking. I made a promise to my wife before we got married that she wouldn't be marrying a smoker, and it was the best promise I ever made in my life. On a side note, I just want to point out that if you ever expect people to take you seriously, on any level, you've got to stick to your word. At the end of the day, if you can't keep your word, what good are you? Sorry, had to say it. Anyways, I smoked cigarettes for over 17 years, and for roughly the last 5 of those years I was smoking more than a pack a day, sometimes close to 2 packs. I think about that now and it makes me want to punch myself so hard, you don't even know. I hated being a smoker for such a long time, but I was a poster-child of a hopeless addict. If I didn't have a smoke within about 2 hours (maximum, usually only waiting 2 hours when I was at work and had no choice) I'd get that "broken glass in my veins" feeling and want to punch everyone and everything in sight. It started out innocently enough, just like with every other stupid kid who starts smoking as a kid, and of course by the time I was sick of it, I couldn't stop. I tried everything I could over the years, and the longest I went was close to 3 months. The thing is though, if you think about logic and the way the human brain works, you can't use a tobacco product to stop using tobacco. That's all that the gums and patches and all that other shit is, they are smokeless tobacco products - which might I ad, most of them are owned by TOBACCO COMPANIES. It's a total sham, but I know from experience, even as a smoker who was desperate to quit, it's pretty hard to tell a hardcore smoker how it is and have them buy into it. That is what nicotine does to your brain, the same as any other addictive substance takes over your priorities, and that is the biggest single issue that makes quitting so hard for most smokers.

I'm not trying to be preachy or anything, honestly I know how it is to be on that side of it. I'm just really proud of myself for finally winning the war, and I am forever greatful to Imagine Laserworks for the miracles the perform. If you're a smoker and you genuinely want to stop, contact a laster treatment center, because all that over the counter stuff you buy in stores or get from your doctor is a huge, steamy pile of horseshit. None of it will ever ever work. You are the only person who can change your life, never forget that and never give up on yourself. If I could do it, anybody can!

Imagine Laserworks

I Met Dana Larsen Today

Today I met Dana Larsen from Sensible BC, and he was nice enough to take a picture with me! What a nice guy.

Sensible BC

Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer

My wife and I were given an Arizer Solo portable vaporizer for our first anniversary. We are no strangers to vaporizers, as we already own a Vapir One (table top) and the original (first model) Iolite (portable, butane powered). The Arizer is battery powered, which is really cool, but you still have to plug it in to charge the battery. It can handle roughly 4 hours of usage before it needs to be recharged. The vapor clouds you can pull out of this little guy are insane, and the glass whips (it comes with two!) are also an added bonus, because plastic sucks.

Vaporizing is an all-around better way to consume your herbs, because combustion is, well.. combustion. It doesn't really matter what you're smoking, it's no mystery that smoking isn't good for people. It's nice to have an alternative to smoking, and it's even nicer when your altenative to smoking also happens to be much more appealing. The solo also comes with a diffuser bowl, and is safe to use with both solids and liquids. If you do manage to break one or both of your whips, you can easily find replacements for around ten bucks.

My other favorite thing about the solo is that it is Canadian made. The company is based out of Waterloo, ON and it just feels good to support a Canadian company! The both of us highly recommend the Arizer Solo portable. My wife has a sensitive throat to heat and dryness, and she doesn't find a problem with either of those issues while using the solo, so that's also nice. Get your solo on today!

Arizer website

It's 4:20 Day

420 Beer

That's right folks. It's not only just 4:20 day, but my wife and I also celebrate our first wedding anniversary today! And it's not only 4:20 day and our anniversary today, but my brother is also getting married today too! Fucking crazy day!!! We didn't plan it out that way or anything, but it just worked out that way. I think it's pretty cool actually, but I also think it's a good thing that we didn't all pick the same day in the same year.. double birthday parties were cool when we were kids and all, but a wedding is no birthday.

I also have a whole week off of work (holy fuuuuuck!!!!!) which makes me really really really really really happy as well lol. You guys have no idea how much I love not having to go to work. I don't even want to get into that right now lol. The weather is supposed to be really amazing all next week too, this shit just keeps getting better and better. My Mom and stepdad are staying with my wife and I for a few days after the wedding, so the party will be going strong.

Oh yeah, and about all that, my brother helps me do all this blog crap, and they're going away on their honeymoon pretty much right after the wedding, so I imagine there won't be any updates for a couple of weeks. It's just so funny to me because this was my wife and I one year ago, and I just can't help but think about what our lives were like when our wedding and stuff was all happening, it was such an amazing time in our lives! I fully recommend getting married to anyone who's thinking about popping a question, lol being married is fucking awesome, but whatever you do, the most important thing is picking the right person. You get that right and you've got it made!

Happy 4:20 day everyone!

Chronic Art

Cheech and Chong
Mark and Jodie Emery Marley Jack Herer

What do you do with your roach papers? Probably the same thing as most people, simply discard them. A dude named Cliff Maynard found something a little more productive to do with all his leftover roach papers - art. I am so jelous I never thought of this before! Hot damn. The portraits this guy does by cutting and gluing roach papers are better than a lot of people can do with pens and pencils. I can assure you that one day one of these will be hanging in our house somewhere! You can order them direct from Cliff on his website. Check out the Chronic Artwork gallery!


Sensible BC - It's About God Damned Time

Right now, Dana Larsen is doing for BC what has needed to be done here since before I was born. Before any of us were born. To be honest, I think that this is something that should have never needed doing at all in the first place, but we simply cannot change the past. Marijuana prohibition happned before any of our time, and even beyond that, many people don't really know why we even have such laws to begin with.

In order to make a long involved story very short, the easiest way to spell it out is that more or less, the marijuana laws that are still being enforced to this day were born out of rasism in the southern United States in the 1930s.

In fact, the very word "Marijuana" was made up by the same person who effectively made it illegal with the 1937 tax act, Harry Anslinger. He needed a good, mexican sounding name for this gentle plant in order to help demonize it as something that leaks into the country with illegal aliens from south of the border. He also didn't like how all the (stoned) black musicians were playing horrible (blues) music that possessed innocent white women (they enjoyed the music) and made them seem towant to act out in the most lewd manner (they liked to dance to the music in the downtown bars where the musicians played).

It can seem hard for some people to connect today's laws with the past, but the truth hurts, and the truth is that today's marijuana laws stem from racism. In my mind this is just one more reason to abolish these absurd laws, and do away with victimless "crimes." Decriminalization is a major step in the right direction, and in 2014 we can make a difference together by signing the petition to put the Sensible Policing Act into place. Dana Larsen is doing a saint's work and I am confident that the Sensible BC movement will be the push from the public to the government that we need in order to move forward as a province, and hopefully one day as an entire country.

On a side note, as a Canadian, I must point out how sad (and unpredidcted!) it was to watch Washington and Colorado states vote to legalize and win - how in the hell did the states beat us? In the past, it was the US who stepped in and stopped it from happening in Canada with threats of "bad things to come" from the George W, administration. Wonderful. Stephen Harper had no problem grabbing his ankles and taking it, irregardless of what the people of this country actually want.

Have a look at the Sensible BC site for yourself, and don't forget to register!


The War On Drugs

By now, you know how I feel about drugs so you can probably figure out how I feel about the pointless, failed war on drugs.

Here are some brutal truths and I told you so’s, care of the National Post:






I especially enjoyed this one:

My First Experience With Scelectium Tortuosum

Today I'm just hanging around my place not up to a whole lot, my wife is at work for a few more hours, and I have the day off. When we were in Vancouver a few weeks ago to see Roger Waters' The Wall and Tenacious D, we (obviously) made a number of stops to the New Amsterdam and CCHQ. In the back of the CCHQ store there is another little store called The Urban Shaman. These guys have lots of neat shit — Amanita Muscaria, Kratom, Salvia Divinorum, and this interesting Scelectium Tortuosum stuff, among many other things.

So I bought this stuff the first of three visits to The Urban Shaman, and a young woman was working. The next two times it was a bigger fellow, I think he's the owner. Anyhow, I noticed how cheap the stuff was for a gram of smokable product, so I asked her about it. She said is was her favorite thing that they sell, and that it's actually not so easy to find it in a smokable form. She told me a little bit about it, and also gave me an information sheet. It is supposed to be potentiator (enhancer of effects) for Cannabis, so that's how I'm trying it out.

12:35pm - I'm going to spark this thing now and see how it goes. The Scelectium is rather fine, somewhat like kief, so the half gram I added to the joint doesn't make it much larger than it would've been without it. Anyhow, here goes.

12:45pm - The burn is noticeably slower than a joint without the Scelectium. The taste is hard for me to describe; I am currently extremely congested due to seasonal allergies, so my taste is a little bit off right now. When I first lit it though I did get a bit of a flavor, can't quite put my finger on what it was but it was noticeably different. Not a bad taste, and it blended in after the first few puffs. Almost done now!

12:53pm — Finished. Too bad I'm so stuffed up, I'm curious what it smells like in here right now. Feeling pretty fucking hilarious already, very very nice!! Noticable right off the bat. We'll see how this rips over the next hour or so but it already seems worth the five dollars I paid.

1:17pm — Feeling extra baked. More than the average rip, this stuff is quite nice. I not only recommend it, but I also plan on getting a lot more next time we go to Van. Now it's time to make some sausage rolls lol!

1:26pm — Waiting for the oven to hit 400 degrees.. checking out the BC Parks website (http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/), feeling like I want to do some more camping sometime soon! No shortage of awesome places to camp around here, provincial parks or otherwise. Still feeling extra baked! Good times :)

1:57pm — About to eat some sausage rolls now. Still feeling pretty baked! Going to stop writing now, but this stuff seems totally decent. Grab some if you ever get the chance (if you're into this sort of thing, of course) and try it out for yourself!

The Urban Shaman online
Scelectium info souce
Another scelectium info souce


Hahahaha. All I'm going to say is read this: