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Not The Chong!

God damnit! Tommy Chong has just revealed that he has prostate cancer. I bet there are so many morons out there who, upon hearing "Tommy Chong Has Cancer" will go straight for the drug card, proclaiming "SEE!! Told you so!" but NO! Have a read and see what the Chong man himself has to say about it:


Bath Salts

You know, for the most part, I thoroughly enjoy most drugs. I don't think that my own personal views on drugs are too far off from those of the average person, or at least most average people that I'm aware of. However, today I learned about a little something called Bath Salts. At first it sounded like PCP, but it quickly got much, much worse. Imagine all of the drugs that turn people into complete fucking idiots (meth, coke and/or crack, PCP, LSD, etc..), and multiply them with the most undesirable of side effects (severe paranoia and confusion, psychotic delusions, or "extreme anxiety/agitation, sometimes progressing to violent behavior"). Sounds like a barrel of monkies, don't it? Oh yeah, and it might turn you into a cannibalistic zombie. Well, not exactly, but close enough. I'm sure you've heard about that guy in Miami who at 80% of that homeless guy's face while high on this shit, who allegedly kept eating the guy's face after being shot by police.

Who's ready for a bubble bath? LOL I think I'll just stick to trusty old weed, thank you. Read some of this heinous shit here: