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Generation Jobless

I think a lot of people need to realize what's going on around them. This CBC documentary makes for a good watch. I found this on Craigslist of all places, sifting around the (empty) employment catagories around where I live. Let me just say, for the record, that as beautiful and awesome as this island may be, there is fuck all for decent jobs going on around here. You can't find hardly anything for more than $10/hr here without like ten fucking years of school and another 10 years of experience, doing anything.

As lucky as I apparently am to even have a job, I continually find myself looking for another one. I often contemplate going back to school and gain some sort of training for a new career, but my biggest problem is trying to decided on something that not only will not drive me crazy, but also shows a good hiring rate... so far, nothing but a big headache. I'm just getting sick and tired of doing harsh physical labour for bottom dollar. Who ever thought that trying to change your life could be so hopeless?


Two Worlds Colliding (2004) by Tasha Hubbard

Do you hate racist people? Especially rasist cops?? This is some real shit going on in our country and it's fucking crazy to watch. Ignorance is not bliss.

This is the write-up on the page you'll watch this movie from:

This documentary chronicles the story of Darrell Night, a Native man who was dumped by two police officers in a barren field on the outskirts of Saskatoon in January 2000, during -20° C temperatures. He found shelter at a nearby power station and survived the ordeal, but he was stunned to hear that the frozen body of another Aboriginal man was discovered in the same area. Days later, another victim, also Native, was found. This film is an inquiry into what came to be known as Saskatoon's infamous "freezing deaths," and the schism between a fearful, mistrustful Aboriginal community and a police force that must come to terms with a shocking secret.


GG Allin - Hated In The Nation

Hated DVD

I'm just going to assume you know who GG Allin was. So my wife is a clown, locally, she does birthdays and shit, she's even been in the Canada Day parade here in Campbell River... so she was looking around online at clown stuff, and she came across "Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College" and thought she'd see what Wikipedia had to say about it.

There is a list of alumni on the Wikipedia page, which not only includes Steve-O (Jackass, Wildboyz, etc.), but also GG Allin. It states that he only attended for one year, but his name is there. So this little online research was going on the day after we watched a documentary about Hunter S. Thompson together, and we had been talking about the impact on our lives when the movie adaptation of the ever popular "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" came out back in 1998. So back to the GG Allin part. I never really thought to mention it the day before, but once she saw his name on the Wikipedia page she tells me about it, thinking of course of the old GG Allin shirts I have in our closet. For those of you who are aware of GG, the infamous documentary "Hated" came out in 1994, but I never managed to see it until 1998... two days after the first time I watch Fear And Loathing to be exact, in the same fucking week!

We had both seen Fear And Loathing many times, so a rewatch wasn't necessary. But seeing how the topic was relevant, and then GG came up the very next day, I dusted off my copy of Hated and made my wife sit through the entire fucking thing. It was pretty funny, she had no idea in the world anything about who GG was. Once the credits started rolling I told her the whole story about how that and Fear and Loathing happened for me in the same week. It was too perfectly relevant for me not to make her watch it; it just had to be done, her time had come. I knew I'd have to make her sit through that fucking movie one day, and now that day has come and gone.

Whether or not you know who GG Allin was, you should buckle up and watch this shit. You can watch it on YouTube, but I have a real DVD because I'm old school. This guy was a fucking lunatic, totally gong show nutty professor, completely hilarious and deathly frightening all at the same time. This should be some kind of educational film about whatever the fuck was actually wrong with that guy. And don't get me wrong, I'm somewhat of a 'fan', lol but when a documentary about you opens up with a quote about how crazy you are — from John Wayne Gacy — there is some totally abnormal shit going on for sure. Better bust out the popcorn!


The Pig Farm

I used this documentary to write some lyrics for a song that will be on the next Deadkind album. I remember hearing about all this shit in the news when it was going on, crazy fucking shit going on here... this all went down a few hours away from where I live.

Marley - The Movie

I've watched this movie three times now, I think. It's really, REALLY good. At first I was weary of a documentary over two hours long, but once you start watching it time becomes irrelevant. Maybe I just didn't know anything about the guy to begin with, but the things I learned from watching this completely blow my mind - and, this entire movie is full of awesome music. I did acquire the soundtrack before I got a chance to watch the movie, but I waited until after I saw the movie to go back and listen to the soundtrack, which worked out quite well. I strongly advise you to do the same: watch the movie, then go and get the soundtrack. I'm still totally wowed by the whole thing. Fuck yeah, Bob Marley!!!

Pentagram Movie

I can't wait to see this one.

If you consider yourself to be any degree of metal fan and you don't know who Pentagram is, I would strongly advise you to punch yourself in your genitals for being so disgracefully ignorant. Okay, now that that's out of the way, I found this trailer today and needless to say, I had an epic pants-shitting moment. The main focus of this movie seems to be about frontman Bobby Liebling's life. This guy's had a rough go. You know what? I'm just going to let the trailer do the talking. "Last Days Here" looks like it'll be pretty sick.