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Get Chosen - Resolution For Free On March 30!

I posted this a little while ago, but I'm posting this band/album again because it will be release on March 30 2013, and will be available as a free download on their official site, as well as two special edition physical CD releases. I very much enjoy what I have heard from these two (David McCann on drums and Paul Shields on vocals, guitar and bass), and I think it's really cool that they're giving away thier record to listeners - something I've done myself. After all, what better way to make your music available than to give it away? Everyone can afford free.

I am unsure whether or not there will be a tour to follow up the record with a complete touring band. If these guys came around where I live I would certainly shell out a few bucks to see them live. Apparently They had even relocated to Vancouer BC for a year or so and then went back to Ireland. Maybe they have a soft spot for us out here on the west coast of Canada and will come back for some shows. The production quality of this record is very nice. There are some pretty cool grooves and neat time signatures going on all over the place, and some really tight guitar work too. David McCann sounds to be a hard hitting, consistent drummer. One thing that I am personally not a huge fan of however is clean/melodic vocal delivery in heavy music, and even though there is a bit of that going on here it still blends well. Check this album out guys!

Official site - free album download!

BME Body Modification E-Zine

I came across BME a few years back, around the same time I got my first tattoo. Pronouced "Be Me" (as in "be myself") offers a platform to share pictures, videos and/or stories about your own body modifications, whether they be tattoos or piercings, among other things.

I was pretty stoked when I first got inked so I thought I'd put pictures up on BME as well. I'm not sure if they're still there, I haven't bothered to check for a number of years now.. but I will say, even though there is a disclaimer (or used to be) that essentially advised people against outright copying people's ideas and things that they see on the site, I found a copycat of my tattoo within weeks. I was pretty pissed, because I had the idea for a few years before I got it done, and it was something that I had never seen on anyone else or heard anyone else ever talk about having done prior to getting it done myself (music notes on my ears). The copy tattoo I saw had a little but more than what I have, but I refuse to accept that it was just a coincidince, as the pictures were added after mine and lablled as just being done that day. What a stupid bitch. Anyhow, as there are many many people who simply are unable to think for themselves, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, but I can't hold it against BME of course - afterall, I was the one who posted pictures of my tattoos in the first place. Oh well.

Check out the neat stuff people are doing to themselves, but take my advice and ad your own pictures with caution.


Japanische Kampfhörspiele

Don't worry, I don't know how to say it right either. Perhaps if I knew any german I'd be better off for it. I do know though, that the rough translation is "Japanese Combat Radio Plays." A lot of people on the internet machine seem to like to abbreviate to JaKa (I wonder why?) so that's usually what I go by.

Remember that video I showed you for the Obscene Extreme festival? Well that's where I found this band. Unfortunately they split in 2011, but they sure recorded an awful lot of shit. Even just going by the self-describing term of "Grind-punk," I think no matter when I discovered this band I'd have the same reaction. These guys fucking rip it.

I had a hard time finding much out about this band, being from germany and all, there's just not a lot of resources in english. There is quite a bit of their stuff on YouTube however. I'm not even really sure who I'd even compare this band to; they don't remind me of any other bands in particular, off the top of my head. But if you like punk, and if you like metal, you"ll probably enjoy this band. I don't even mind so much that I can't understand any of the lyrics, everything just sounds so cool anyhow. Have a listen for yourself!

More songs:

Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Die Kampagne
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Der Westen ist geschockt

Obscene Extreme Festival

Holy shiiiiit! I stumbled across a whole bunch of videos about this festival this morning, and I must say, this looks like a hell of a fucking time!! Wow. This appears to be like Wacken on mescaline. I like european festivals as much as the next guy, but what really got me was when the organizer Curby talked about taking OEF international in the coming year(s).

From there, I investigated the OEF website, and sure as shit, they are on the road! Looks like OEF will be in Jakarta ID, Melbourne AU, and La Marquesa ME on top of their homeland Trutnov CZ venue. Dang! I wonder if they'll ever come to Canada.


I Want To Go To Tahsis

There's something that nobody ever says. But it's true, I want to go check out Tahsis. Apparently there are a whole bunch of caves in and around Tahsis, and my wife and I are big fans of caves. Like most people around here, the furthest we've been in that direction is Upanna Caves, about one third of the way from Gold River to Tahsis. Upanna Caves have even been used in movie shoots before, but I can't remember which movies right now. I just got up lol. If someone reminds me I might remember to look into that.

But seriously, if you have a look at this little photo gallery from the Village Of Tahsis website, you"ll get a bit of a glimpse at some of the caves.The midwest coast seems pretty similar to the mideast coast where I live. Funny how some places on the island can be so similar, and other places on this island can almost feel like another country altoghether. Fucking caves in Tahsis!!!


Vancouver Island, Beyond Victoria

I stumbled across this blog sort of by accident this morning, but they got me at just the title, those bastards!! I, as I'm sure many other fellow islanders, can't help but get a funny warm feeling inside as I read those words, because to many outsiders the island is Victoria and that's it. Not that Victoria isn't a nice place and a great city, but in the grand scheme of things it is a very very small portion of this big ol' chunk of land, and with roughly half of the island's entire human population in or around just the one city should show perspective on the space and nature one might expect if they were to travel north. No shortage of cool shit to see and do around here, and this fun little blog helps to showcase that!


Purple Pirate Blog

My wife started herself a blog! She's witty and smart and a hell of a lot better looking than I am. We share many similar points of view and opinions, and she's really awesome. That's good enough reason isn't it? Check out my wife's blog!


Snik - Stencil Artist


I was told to check this guy's art out by a coworker a few days ago. This lady I've worked with for the past 3 years told me, "have a look at this guy's stuff, I know its right up your alley!" How could I not be intruiged by that? I was not only super impressed by Snik's work, but also wondered how this stuff had managed to elude me for so long.

It's hard to pinpoint what my favorite element is; the artwork itself is amazing, yet the canvases he choses to display his talents make them temporary works, little more to the misunderstanding folks as petty grafitti. There are a number of works on canvas and prints, and there are also other interesting platforms such as a piano and a chair.

Pretty cool stuff, check it out mang.


Crazy Places


Punky Colour

So my wife and I had to make an impromptu trip over to Vancouver last weekend, because her grandmother on her Mom's side of her family passed away. While we did get totally smashed with her family there for a few days, still not exactly a trip for having a whole bunch of fun. There were some pretty sad moments, it's never easy for any family to lose someone they love so much.

On our second day in, we decided to go out and drive around the area we were in, it was actually Langley (Walnut Grove if you want to get really anal), somewhere neither of us had ever really spent a lot of time before. We'd gotten tipped that there was some pretty cool shops downtown and that the mall there is pretty decent too, so we went to check them out.

We were told to check out "Hempyz," which I'm sure you guessed is a head shop. Turns out there are actually two locations in Langley, and we found the smaller one. It's on a section of the Fraser Highway that runs through downtown where it splits off into two one-way lanes. We were on a time budget so we never did make it to the larger location, which apparently has "quite an impressive pipe and bong showcase." Drats! Maybe next time.

From there we went to the Willowbrook mall. It's a bit bigger than I expected it to be, but it still pretty much has your run of the mill mall stores, nothing really too special. While we were walking around checking it out, I got the great idea to look for some hilarious hair dye. You know the stuff I'm talking about, all the ridiculous colours.We got lucky and found a kiosk in one of the main wings of the mall called "Body Mods."

I had actually thought about looking for some of this stuff while we were travelling to the mainland, but I honestly didn't think we'd get a chance to go out looking for that sort of thing, given the circumstances of our trip. But once I mentioned to my wife that I really wanted to find some hilarious bright blue dye for the next time the band plays, she jumped right on board and got pumped to find some nice purple for her hair - she has a serious, serious thing for purple!! We found the Body Mods kiosk and hit the jackpot.

I really wanted to find permanent dye, but it's pretty fucking hard these days, I've had many many mishaps in the past with Manic Panic (sorry!) so I knew I didn't want any of that shit. Fudge brand too, (sorry again!!) I've also been left disappointed by Fudge brand more than once in my past. But Punky Colour - oh, sweet punky colour!! As far as a semi-permanent goes, I honestly think this stuff is the disco shit. And I also think they have the brightest, most obnoxious blue you can find outside of a professional salon. Fucking gangster!!! They were $15 per jar but still well worth it.

I'm just so stoked to have found this shit, you can't get it in our stupid little town. It may still yet be a little while before I get to use it, but at least now knowing I have some, I'm fucking stoked. And my wife is equally pumped about her purple, she wants to throw some gnarly chunks in her hair, which will look killer in contrast to her natural dark coloured hair. I almost sound like some kind of hairdresser or some shit - rest assured I'm just some punk who likes loudass colours! If you like loud ass colours too, look for some of this shit.


Willowbrook Mall

Punky Colour