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Kolony - Echoes (From upcoming 2014 release "Sledge")

Kolony comes from Montreal, QC. This is the first single released for the forthcoming LP "Sledge" which will be unleashed to the public a bit later in the year. Kolony has been performing live since 2011, but I am almost positive that this is their first released material. I have to tell you guys, when I first heard the beginning riff of this tune I was a little unsure of what to expect; fearing that the attempted blending of metal and melodic would be as disappoint as countless other bands' prior attempts, but this band totally nailed it! It is really refreshing to hear melodic metal that doesn't go to shit when the vocals kick in. I'm really impressed by this song, and I can't wait to hear the rest of this record! There must be something in the water in Montreal, so many amazing metal bands come from there. I've been hearing from people for years and years that the punk and metal scene there is crazy insane, and the proof is in the music for sure. So many great bands!! Definitely check this tune out, even if you're like me and not too excited about melodic metal I strongly advise you at least give it one good listen all the way through. It's awesome to hear harmonies that don't lose the heaviness, that quality in this songwriting kind of reminds me of Wintersun; though the playing in Wintersun is a lot busier overall, the idea of harmony and heaviness coexisting between these two bands is on the same plain to me, if that makes sense to anybody else.

Big thanks to Jon at Asher Media for this one! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Kolony, these guys are definitely going places.

Official Site

Los Subtitles - Just A Little Bit Brighter EP

Los Subtitles are a three piece band, who emailed me directly, and describe themselves as "garage/demon doo-wop" from the Midlands, UK. Right away I thought that sounded pretty awesome, so I just had to have a listen. I wasn't sure what to expect them to sound like, but its pretty decent listening for sure. What I'm about to say about this band may easily be taken the wrong way, but believe me, this is absolutely 110% compliment: Listening to this record makes me want to get completely shitfaced drunk. For real, this is some hilarious, "let's have a ridonculous good time/drink your face off" music. You better believe I'm putting this one on next time the wife and I have a party at our house. It's loud, abrasive, full of reverb, and high energy. I really dig the DIY feel about this band, it just reminds me of being in a punk band as a teen.

"Just A Little Bit Brighter" is the third release from the band, put out in September 2013. They released the 8-song album "Dissolve" in July 2013, and a split in January 2013 with The Pale Faces. If these dudes ever play out here, I'm going!! Check this band out, and get ready to party your ass off! The only "complaint" I have comes from the music nerd in me, and it's not that I don't appreciate the sound or anything, but I think these guys would benefit greatly by adding a bassist. That's it, that's really all that's missing is the bass, other than that I wouldn't change a damn thing. Check this band out guys, for real!


Deathpoint - Between The Lines Official Video

This was sent to me by Jon over at Asher Media. Another fine group of dudes from Hamilton, ON bashing out some heavy tunes. Right off the bat, I will say that I'm typically not a huge fan of the whole "metal scream/singing/metal screaming again/singing again" thing that some bands do, but Deathpoint pulls it off rather well. Most bands just sound pretentious to me when they do that (sorry!), but not so much in this case.

Between The Lines was one of the singles from the album "Sinister" which was released back in October 2013 via Spread The Metal Records. The band formed in 2005, with their debut album "Fixation" released in 2010, folled by "Suffer" EP in 2011. The band then signed with Spread The Metal in April of 2013, and released "Sinister" later in the year as metioned. Also interesting to note, these guys have opened for Beneath The Massacre, who are by far my favorite Canadian metal band. Anyone good enough to open for those guys have got to be worth a listen for sure, so check out the video, and listen to some more Deathpoint through the links below.

Also, for anyone reading from southern Ontario, Deathpoint will be playing at the APK in London on Febrary 7th, and at the Canadian Anglo Club in Windosor the next night, Feb.8th. If you're in or around either London or Windsor go check Deathpoint out live! I bet you can get copies of their albums and shirts directly from the band if you go to their shows, so make yourselves some plans.


Bleeding Green - Michael Jackson Died Today (June 25, 2009)

This was recorded back in 2009 on the day that ol' Wacko Jacko bit the dust. Don't get me wrong, I know the guy had his problems and... other things, but it was more or less a coincidence that we had quite literally just found out that he died about 2 minutes before the three of us were about to go and play some music together, so this song would have probably happened either way. It's myself on guitar, Shawn Richards on bass guitar and Steve Hentze on drums, who also previously played drums in Deadkind and currently Dead Tree Forest with me. We recorded many many jams between us that summer, sometimes with other friends playing as well, but this song in particular is one of the real gems; we all just read eachother so well that day that it sounds like something we'd played together before. I wish there was video footage to go along with the audio, but better just the audio than nothing at all I suppose. Anyway if you've got ten minutes give it a rip.

DW Factour Tour Video

I just came across this video this morning, and I wanted to post it not only because DW makes some of the highest quality, best sounding drums available. I hope that one day I'll have a set of DWs to call my own. It's really cool of them to make a video like this for everyone to see how they build these wonderful instruments.

Canada Day Fireworks

For the second year in a row, I recorded the entire Canada Day Fireworks show here where I live. Here's this years and last years videos.

Here is the video from 2012:

We Were Children

My wife and I just watched this movie, and it was pretty intense to sit through. I don't really think that a lot of average every day people quite understand exactly what went on in the Canadian residential schools for First Nations' children. One of the saddest things about it all is to think about how long they were doing this for - the first school opened in the late 1850s, and the last one closed in 1996. It's hard not to be filled with rage after seeing this, and it's even harder when I to try and imagine myself as one of those kids. It is disgusting and completely shameful what happened within the walls of those 80 evil buildings.

For those who are unaware, these institutions were created and funded by our government, via the department of Indian affairs. The catholic and anglican churches shared the role in running and operating the schools. The abuse endured by these children is most unfathomable. The entire purpose of having these schools was to "remove and isolate children from the influences of their homes, familites, traditions and cultures, and to assimilate them into the dominant culture." There has also in recent years been found mass unmarked graves on the grounds or close to the properties of many of these schools. In Alert Bay (Cormorant Island, BC) for example, mass grave sites have been found "in an overgrown field adjacent to the building, and also under the foundations of the present new building, constructed in the 1960s. Skeletons seen 'between the walls'."1

While there have recently been numberous reconcilation gestures and official apologies from Stephen Harper and the government of Canada, I'm still not so sure that there is much of anything that could be said to justify or compensate the damage they've done.

We Were Children
The link opens to a page with the trailer in the video box, and a link to the full movie underneath.

Here is also another documentary, "Returning To The Healing Circle," this one about Kuper Island (now the Island Of Penelakut) residential school survivors.

1 Mass grave quote taken from thecumberlander.ca.

A Few Drumming Videos For You

Every now and then I catch myself on YouTube just watching snare drum videos; demos of different makes and models of snare drums, marching band snare drummers, drumming demonstrations and competitions... you get the point. I just love drumming!! I have been playing the drums slightly longer than I've been playing guitar, and to this day it's where my attention just seems to automatically draw itself towards every time I hear new music for the first time. So here are a couple gems I've spotted over the last little while, besides ones I've already posted.

Wayne Oien is amazing. This guy has probably been playing since before I was born. I especially like how he starts off with two pairs of sticks - Wayne means buisness.

Buddy Rich is a fucking legend. This is simply common knowledge for anyone who takes drumming even remotely seriously. The drum solo from this (rather old lol) performance of "West Side Story" is a great showcase of Buddy's skills. One must appreciate the classics.

I saved this one for last on purpose. This is a guy named Dylan Elise, and he played this at the Tauranga jazz festival in New Zealand in 2007, at the age of 16. Pretty impressive shit!! The bird's eve view on the side screen of the stage is also pretty cool.

Blast Beats with Steve Asheim

Steve Asheim is the dummer for Deicide. I've been impressed by Steve's drumming since the very first time I heard Deicide, way back as a young gaffer. It's funny how such a nice guy can also be such an intense drummer. I suppose you'd have to be intense to drum for Deicide though. In this little video Steve goes through some variations of the well known blast beat we so often hear in a lot of metal music.

Also, drummers, notice how tight and leveled Steve's kit is arranged - nothing is too far away from everything else. I've found in my years playing the drums that keeping your kit as compact as you can (without crowding yourself in of course) is a crucial element to playing fast. Give yourself enough elbow room to flow from side to side, but keep your drums close together and your cymbals nice and low (just enough room to move without hitting any rims or other cymbals) and you're on your way to playing faster than diarreah.

My drum kit hasn't changed a whole lot really since the late 1990s, and especially now after a buch of moving around and losing/breaking bits and pieces here and there, it's getting to be time to start it all over from scratch again pretty soon. They've had a good run, but I've literally beaten to holy shit out of them. Somehow I've gone from 7 cymbals down to 1, and a snare that more or less is no longer functional. I've been watching a lot of drum videos lately to help inspire me to get a new kit, but alas, a very expsensive hobby indeed! One of these days...

Anyhow, see if you can learn something from Steve Asheim!

I Was There, Vol. 2

I found some more shows my wife and I were at!

First was Roger Waters doing The Wall at BC Place Stadium, May 26 2012. This is a playlist of 19 videos:

Next was Tenacious D on May 27 2012 at the PNE Amphitheater. We were very close to this person, almost smack dab in the middle on the floor area. Sorry these are totally not in order lol:

Another good shot from the left side stands.