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Hipsters Refusal To Shave

I'm posting this because it was literally yesterday I was complaining to my wife about the cost of replacement razors for shaving, how insanely exspensive they seem to keep getting, that it seems unreasonable how much they want to charge for this stuff. Then I come across this little piece, which sort of helps put things into perspective a little bit. Not to say that I'm the kind of guy with a raging hardon for huge corporate entities, but this whole shaving razor deal kind of has a direct effect on me.

The article doesn't come right out and say that "because these dirty hippy wannabes don't like to shave, the cost of your razors will continue to increase in order to compensate lost sales," but that's exactly what it says when you read between the lines.

The article does make mention of "reclaimed and sustainable goods," and that's fine and great, but I'm a grown up who doesn't live with my parents, and I have real bills to pay, so I can't afford to go out and waste hundreds of dollars on stupid things like "trendy" razors.. when I go to the store to get some razors so I can shave, I couldn't give any less of a fuck how stylish and cool and retro my blades (that nobody other than myself and my wife even see) are, because my neck is covered in what feels like horrendous steel wool from hell, and I need to shave it the fuck off of my face before I lose my mind.

As far as sustainable goes, I don't buy the completely disposalbe all-in-one pieces, I get just the razors that snap onto the end of the shaver, which I might ad I've had the same one for roughly ten years now - seems fairly sustainable to me. I have terrible issues with razor burn, and with the actual razors themselves being part of the formula in this problem, I'm not willing to run around (again) and try every type of blade I can get my hands on (again) to see which one I can save 30 cents on while not ripping all the skin off of my neck (again).

As I said at the start, I'm only even laughing about this/posting this because it's pretty relevant for me. And anything that points out how ridiculous hipsters are is also a win in my books. Yeah, it kind of makes me feel like my Dad a little bit, the whole "I don't understand this shit all these kids are into these days," but I don't, and neither does most of my peer group, so I'm confident in the fact that it's not just me laughing at all these idiots. It's just too funny to me that it ends up being these dumb fucks, of all people, that are making something silly like shaving even more of a pain in the ass than it needs to be - or a pain in the wallet, I should say. Fuckers!!

WTF: Internet Pictures, Vol. 2

It's been a little while, so I thought I'd do this again. The internet is such a silly place lol.

Generation Jobless

I think a lot of people need to realize what's going on around them. This CBC documentary makes for a good watch. I found this on Craigslist of all places, sifting around the (empty) employment catagories around where I live. Let me just say, for the record, that as beautiful and awesome as this island may be, there is fuck all for decent jobs going on around here. You can't find hardly anything for more than $10/hr here without like ten fucking years of school and another 10 years of experience, doing anything.

As lucky as I apparently am to even have a job, I continually find myself looking for another one. I often contemplate going back to school and gain some sort of training for a new career, but my biggest problem is trying to decided on something that not only will not drive me crazy, but also shows a good hiring rate... so far, nothing but a big headache. I'm just getting sick and tired of doing harsh physical labour for bottom dollar. Who ever thought that trying to change your life could be so hopeless?


Bolted Shut Car Door

Car Door 1
Car Door 2

I don't even know where to begin with this. The important things to know are that the car itself is an old, scary fucking death trap of a car, and I am the unfortunate person who has to drive it. The days are numbered, I have another car lined up that I pretty much just have to wait a couple more months for, but in the meantime I'm stuck in the shit wagon.

It's a 1987 (yep, you read that correctly) Pontiac 6000 LE. It was completely digital and computerized before digital and computerized where completely figured out in cars, so you can only begin to imagine the arguments the car has with itself. I'll be driving in the fast lane of the highway, doing 120 km/hr and it just dies. Engine totally stops.

One night at work in October 2012, my battery died, and I had my wfie and my supervisor at work both taking turns trying to jump start the 6000, to no avail. We were about 100 feet out of the parking lot where I work so we decided to just push it back there. My wife was parked right beside me on my driver's side, and when she pulled away in her car she didn't see my door still open, and it caught and hyperextended itself. The top hinge of the driver's door snapped off completely, leaving the door sort of hanging on by the bottom.

I'd been fighting with it ever since, having to slam it harder and harder to get it to close as time went on. Finally, just last week, the latching mechanism finally shit out and stopped grabbing the post on the car body - which was also bent, from the constant slamming of the door. At least it happened in my driveway when I got home from work on a friday, but still.. fuuuuuuuck!!!

I had to call my Dad to come help me out. I thought we could just spray the latch with some WD40 and negotiate the door with a pry bar, but that'd just be too easy. We had to bolt the fucker shut, and now I have to climb in from the passenger side. So fucking welly. I'm pretty sure it's really illegal too, I fucking hope I don't get pulled over!!!!

This will be the fourth car in a row that I've owned that's gone straight to the scrap yard when I've been finished with it. Every single fucking car I've ever had. I will say, for the record, as funny as it sounds, it's never been exclusively my fault, but those are (four) stories for a rainy day or two. The point is I keep getting stuck with these shitty fucking lemons, and it's super fucking embarassing. I took a couple of pictures of how shitty my door is now.

Just be glad you're not stuck driving a piece of shit car that wants to kill you like me, or this could happen to you. My car is such a stupid asshole.

Today is December 22, 2012

I just feel the need to point that out. All my life, I've had to listen to all these quackjobs talk about "the end of the world, on December 21, 2012!!!" Well, guess what: NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENED. All the fear mongering in the world still couldn't make it happen, today is the 22nd, and we're all still here, just as alive as we were on the 20th.

I just can't help but get angry when I hear all these fucking idiots, these conspiracy fuckwads who just love to live in fear, trying to spread thier irrational fear and make people freak out over nothing. It's just total bullshit, and now, just as I thought would happen, the mother of all bullshit has come and gone and nothing happened at all, anywhere, to anybody.

I would just like to personally extend a giant FUCK YOU on behalf of anybody with a brain to all of you "the world is going to end" pieces of shit. That's exactly what you people are, pieces of shit. Instead of spending all that time thinking up all kinds of nonsense and getting all worked up about impossible things, why not fucking relax for a change, do something fun and calm the fuck down. Go out and buy yourself a bag of weed! Fuck, go out and try to get laid man. I'll tell you this, once you finally find a real live vagina for yourself, the only world that will end is the one you live as an antisocial fear mongering masturbator.

How the fuck can you expect anybody to take you seriously anymore? All you've done for yourselves is show the rest of the world how weak, gullable and stupid you are. The rest of us are all laughing our asses off.

Here's some more idiots from days gone by:


This is the radio station website for that Harold Camping idiot, remember that douche bag back in May 2012, all those billboards about the rapture? What a dumb cocksucker. All of that shit has since been deleted from their site, but some of it is still on the wikipedia page for Harold Camping:

The morale of the story is don't be a stupid asshole and keep your bullshit to yourself.

How About A Little Bit Of Common Sense?

Obviously, obviously the world isn't going to end on December 21, 2012. Unless you're a complete fucking moron who lacks in even the slightest amout of common sense, this is no surprise. I just love when science steps in to back up the facts of reality. I remember hearing something about this on the radio while I was at work last week, that Nasa had released a big statement about the December 21st nonsense. It's just fucking amazing to me how many sheeples out there are so willing to bend over, grab their ankles, and clamp their jaws down on that fear mongerer's pillow. It's such a buttfuck to a person's entire life, their entire way of thinking. I just imagine how it feels to be alive right now and think there's only 19 more days to live. I can't wait to see what all these assclowns have to say on the 22nd. They should come to the Mex in Courtenay, BC, because Deadkind will be playing - that's right - I'll be standing on a stage yelling at people through a PA system, and they sell alcohol in the same fucking room. No shit. $5 cover, $4 beers. BAM!! Anyhow, enough rambling, read this crap.


I Don't Like The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season

This was fucking hilarious to me for some reason (lol), so I made this stupid jpeg.


Sad shit right here.

B.C. man killed in Mexico feared for his life

Canadians killed in Mexico

Pictures Of India

Before you read any further, and especially before you click the link, just know that this is easily some of the most disgusting, disturbing shit I've ever seen. Ever.

A friend posted this link to facebook this morning. I have heard a couple of stories about stuff like this from friends who have been to India themselves, but seeing it in pictures like this is just fucking unreal. Apparently this stuff has been on the net since 2008 — originally posted from China - but I've never seen it until now. I MUST assert that I'm not putting this here to "make light of the situation" or feed into some weird racism, exploitation or sensationalist type shit.. I don't think any of this is funny, nor should it be made fun of. I'm reposting this because I think it's fairly important that people understand just how fucking good we have it over here in places like Canada... you couldn't even make this shit up. This is the real world, staring you in the face. Anyhow, proceed with caution, and don't say you weren't warned. This is totally not for people with a weak stomach!!


Two Worlds Colliding (2004) by Tasha Hubbard

Do you hate racist people? Especially rasist cops?? This is some real shit going on in our country and it's fucking crazy to watch. Ignorance is not bliss.

This is the write-up on the page you'll watch this movie from:

This documentary chronicles the story of Darrell Night, a Native man who was dumped by two police officers in a barren field on the outskirts of Saskatoon in January 2000, during -20° C temperatures. He found shelter at a nearby power station and survived the ordeal, but he was stunned to hear that the frozen body of another Aboriginal man was discovered in the same area. Days later, another victim, also Native, was found. This film is an inquiry into what came to be known as Saskatoon's infamous "freezing deaths," and the schism between a fearful, mistrustful Aboriginal community and a police force that must come to terms with a shocking secret.